Let’s Playthrough: Deus Ex – Mankind Divided (Part 1)




I’ve never asked for this… Wait, yes I did, hundred times a day and finally my dreams have come true! Deus Ex – Mankind Divided is finally out and I’m going to play through it all. So get ready people to dive into the all the cyborg on cyborg crime you can handle.

There & Back Again: Iron Banner (with AUG & Co.)



The last Iron Banner before the Rise of Iron DLC came and went. As for a person who never did one before, I found that I enjoyed it and made me rethink my tactics for the next Iron Banner (whatever form it will take after the DLC launch). But hey, for the last day I decided to have fun with it, and what better group to have fun with than AUG & Co! 








Why I won’t play: No Man’s Sky


Time to answer that age old question of a couple of weeks ago.

Let’s Playthrough: The Wolf among us (Conclusion)




So let’s see: Crane has been exiled, Blood Mary has been broken, the goon squad has peaced out or died, so now all that’s left is mash potato face a.k.a. the Crooked man. Now this guy doesn’t fight with fists – he fights with words. So this, being our final battle, can we defeat the source of all of fabletown’s woes and see justice done? Let’s find out in this thrilling conclusion of the Wolf among us.

Movie Review: Star Trek – Beyond


You know people are focusing on the rivalry between Marvel and D.C. films lately, however compared to the sci-fi civil war of the Stars (Star Trek vs Star Wars) those two are rookies. Now both Stars movies will come out this year, Star Trek Beyond is first and Rouge One (A Star Wars joint) will be this year. So let’s see if Star Trek’s opening shot is a good one.









Let’s Playthrough: The Wolf among us (Episode 5 – 1)




You know the old saying – ‘Break a mirror, get seven years bad luck’. Well for Bigby his whole life right now is bad luck, so going beast mode on a bunch of mirror demonesses probably won’t do much. Still… If I was him I would buy a box of lucky charms just in case.

















Movie Review: Suicidé Squad



Batman v Superman was a complex drama that was criminally misunderstood. Suicidé Squad is a fun action romp that’s been dissed by critics. Ghostbusters 2016 walks away unscathed in most online reviews… OK internet what are you smoking.










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