This just in (Or not): Mario + Rabbids = Fun? (Also E3)


As crazy as creating your own sonic character is in Sega’s upcoming Sonic Forces, it looks like Nintendo, for a lack of a better word, trumps them again with their future Mario title – if the rumors are true. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is part of today’s ‘This just in’.




This just in (Or not): Create your own ‘Sonic’ in Sonic Forces


Sonic and Sega has been a defining force in gaming for years. Now in their upcoming game, Sonic Forces, they enter a new territory that might send shock waves throughout the fan base. See what that implies in today’s ‘This just in’.







This just in (Or not): South Park the Fractured but Whole release date (finally… hopefully)!


Well Tartarus looks like it froze over, and… Yep I see some fat backs flying over yonder. The impossible (or is that the improbable) happens today on ‘This just in’.





This just in (Or not): Destiny 2 Gameplay reveal


Who likes trailers? I do, I do! Who likes Destiny? I do I do (And I know you do too, come on admit). So you all should love today’s ‘This just in’.






Let’s Play a Little: Evolve


Today people I play a little Evolve, because regular hunting is boring, but hunting in outer space on a planet that makes Jurassic park look like a playground, using weapons and skills that Rambo would definitely approve of, fighting a beast that not only can grow it’s own armor but can evolve stronger over time (who can be controlled by another player) – is not boring.







Let’s Play a Little: The King of Fighters ’98: Ultimate Match


Today on Video Game Armada we play the legendary fighting game: The King of Fighters ’98! Why? To highlight the most underrated fighting team in video game history, the American Sports Team! I’m serious!








The Dark Knight plays: Guardians of the Galaxy – the Telltale Series (Episode 1 – 6)


I am the vengeance, I am the night, AND THIS IS MY GAME PLAYING SERIES! BOO! BOOOOOOOO! He’s suppose to stay dead! Oh well, I least I’m done with this, for now…