Character Quotes – Bang Shishigami



“Huh?! That white hair –that stupid-ass face… You must be the super-villain, Ragna the Bloodedge!”


Man… It feels like forever since I had an actual video game character in the Character Quotes section, which is kind of sad… But hey such is life sometimes, besides I’m going to make it up by introducing Bang Shishigami this week. Now for those not in the know, this character hails from the game Blazeblue (Blazblue? Whatever…); an anime-rrific fighting game title similar to Guilty Gear. Unlike that game though, B.B. is its own fighter with its own fighting system. Add to the fact the character’s are pretty cool and the story’s engaging (if not reaching little) and you got yourselves a pretty good game. Now Bang is the leader of a ninja clan who is also a ‘Vigilante’, the game’s equivalent to a bounty hunter. He, and other vigilantes, is after the main character – Ragna the Bloodedge. What sets him apart from the rest of the characters in the game is that Bang is a ham.


He treats every moment like it’s a battle to the death, proclaiming himself loud and proud as the ‘Vigilante of Justice!’ for all the world to hear. Effectively he’s the game’s joke character; but because of his dynamic personally and fighting style (one of his specials not only makes him super-powered but activates ‘his’ theme song throughout the round) it’s hard for me (and I defy anyone) to not like and respect this guy. Especially with quotes like this one I had found between Ragna and Bang before a battle.

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