R.I.P. My Nintendo DS


Well it finally happened, after five years of loyal service of gaming though thick, thin, collisions, preschool cousins, and countless pockets full of who knows what – my Nintendo DS Lite Onyx Black console became unusable last month. I’ll spare you all the details, but let’s just say my ‘techbereaker’ brother had something to do with it. You know, I almost didn’t buy ol’ Blackie (please don’t get offended general public) here. Yes during that time I still had the original DS that was silver and black (called the DS Phat to some); when they announced the new and redesigned Nintendo DS Lite I said:

“Great, another play by Nintendo to get my money again; I mean they have it already but the one thing I won’t buy is repetition. I have a DS already, I don’t need another.”

However as fate would have it my original DS also suffered an accident via missed pocket slip straight down some cement stairs (and it still turned on – but the top screen was shot). So I bought a new DS Lite and I didn’t wait til I got home to play with it; found a good spot at the mall, pop in Megaman ZX, and it was over.

It was like discovering electricity.

Smooth, clear, bright, loud – it had it all baby. Since then my new DS  was tied to my hip and I played it everywhere: school, work, friends, family, everywhere. I would be playing it right now if it wasn’t broken and would electrocute me if I tried. That being said, I don’t quite miss it as much as I should. I tribute that to two factors:

The iPod touch series: Even I must admit the power of cheap games that amuse me for hours (Angry Birds anyone). Those questionable games for $15.00, I’ll think I’ll pass.

And this:

The Nintendo 3DS is only a few short months away (running gag engage)

So yes it’s sad to put a good friend into the recycling bin, but you know what? I’m going to be ok. I can game with my iTouch just enough for the 3DS to reach my hot little hands, and once that happens people it is over, the face of gaming begin all over again.

I can’t wait… 🙂

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