Game Review: Marvel vs Capcom 3 – Fate of two Worlds


This is quite a day for me, not only do I return to my media reviews on blip; but this will be my first ever video review that actually shows video. While it won’t be quite the same as something you’d see on xplay, I’m still rather proud of it and you all will be informed to the best of my ability. Enjoy!

This just in (or not) – Zeldas and Dragons


Alrighty people I’ll admit something right now, as much as I’m an original Nintendo fan boy, I never really got into the Legend of Zelda series (or the Metroid series for that matter). I don’t know why, maybe it’s than they do the same thing every game (find boomerang, find Master Sword, kill Ganon (or Ganondorf)). Now I’ve haven’t played twilight princess so I don’t know if that old formula still applies – but chances are it does. Never the less this legacy IP not only kept the Nintendo Entertainment System from being a distance memory back in the day, but helped the video game industry as a whole become the entertainment juggernaut it is today. Why say all this? Well because yesterday Legend of Zelda turned 25 years old, that quite an achievement people. So break out your Triforce, put on your metrosexual green tunic, and celebrate because despite my indifference this series is still going strong.


On the other side of the fantasy realm EA just released a Dragon Age 2 Demo for all systems that aren’t the Wii. If enough players download and finish the demo then they’ll release three in game items for the full game. I’ve just got done playing the demo myself – got to say it impressed me. It looks great and I already can tell the storytelling is going to be awesome (Dragon Age 2 maybe the medieval Mass Effect 2 in March). The combat mechanics are the most improved however; whether you’re a warrior, rouge, and mage your definitely more hands on in the carnage – which is a good thing (although it’s a little button mashy now). Get the demo people, even if you’re not planning to buy DA2, baby needs those in game items.

Character Quote (Black History Edition) – Edgar Barret

“What are we going to do with you? You’re supposed to be dead.”

Ok for the most part I’ve been taking about Black characters who are heroes or at least try to do the right thing. This time around I’m going to focus on a malefactor, namely Edgar Barret (yes another Barret, who knew) for Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy. Now Edgar starts off like many would be villains, as the butt monkey to a bunch of jerk-offs when he was a norm. However gaining the ability to throwing people around like a rag doll, sort of changes your fortunes in life, and it did for Edgar. Recruited for the government’s Project Mindgate he excelled beyond even other PSI operatives thanks to his advanced Telekinesis. He even trained the main character of the game, Nick Scryer, in all his powers.  He had both money and power, but absolute power corrupts absolutely (or at least that’s what the powerless thinks); so he joined ‘the General’ in trying to stage a coup of the government. It didn’t work and he was forced to go on the lamb, now he’s 2nd only to the General in his own terrorist cell – the Movement. Edgar deserves this spotlight because not only does he give the Movement financial power, armed soldiers and political influence but when it’s time to throwdown he is one of the best bosses to ever fight in a game. That’s good enough for me.

Character Quote (Black History Edition) – Yancy Westridge


“Beyond the guns, tech, and sneaking around in the dark, there’s one last part of this job that nobody else here quite gets.”


Alpha Protocol, I had it picked out as one of the games to get for last year. However thanks to stodgy controls and Gamecube style graphics (the main character was fine however, don’t buy the dissenting opinion from haters) the game was received poorly – so much so that it won’t have a chance at a sequel to learn from its mistakes (no justice – Lara Croft cranks out substandard, craptastic games every couple of years). So for my next Black History Character Quote I have chosen Yancy Westridge, the enigmatic leader of the clandestine Alpha Protocol organization. Now despite his comical first name, Yancy Westridge is quite the BA normal who fills many roles in the game. He is both teacher and adviser to players early on in the game, he is cunning and sees beyond himself in world of covert opt intelligence as he commands (or rather manipulates) respect from even hardcore white wash agents like Alan Parker, and just when you think you have all the answers – he changes the questions. He’s only loyal to his country and sees people as either tools or obstacles. Calling him a ‘good guy’ would be a stretch, but no one would question he does the wrong things for the right reasons; and because of all these reasons Westridge makes my list here. Black people in fiction, who aren’t the main characters (or sometimes are) are very one dimensional; Yancy is so wonderfully complex he would make Batman cry (A joke people, a joke. Don’t send any hate mail please).

Character Quote (Black History Edition) – Elena

“This is my best dance, performed especially for you!”


Alrighty, my next gaming character of color is Elena from the Street Fighter III series. Now black people in fighting games are generally boxers, sports fighters (see ‘I Know Madden Kombat’) or very, very angry. Elena breaks all those stereotypes and still manages to be an effective fighter; she’s the cheery princess of an African tribe and uses the Capoeira fighting style to strike fast and hard with dance-like moves and fancy legwork. I’ve never used her before but I’ve seen her in action, a few quick combos and a strong enough finisher and that’s game. Or as one of the first fighters’ in history to use healing, a smart player can just outlast their opponents by playing defensely. And finally being one of the first black women fighters in a fighting game, Elena proves that sisters can do it for themselves.

Mini Game Review – Angry Bird Seasons (Valentine’s Day edition)


Well people I hope you enjoyed Valentine Day with your special someone, chocolates, cards, all that. Me? I got no time for love, well me and the Angry Birds, like clockwork they released their next in line of mind bending physics puzzles cleverly disguised like simple cartoonish type violence. However this add-on might be the most bare bones one yet, no story (or rather no amusing cut-scene, Christmas version didn’t have one either), only 15 light and airy stages (plus three if you click on the Facebook link), & lots & lots of Valentine Day themed piggies. I was looking forward to this one because I thought we were going to see Girl Birds for the first time, and maybe they were going to saving the original cast from the Pigs latest plot? They even have a female red bird as the icon for seasons now, but no luck, just another instance of my over active imagination running away with itself (I really need to put a leash on that thing). Anyway I can only be but so disappointed with V-Day edition, other than the fact it’s free (with the purchase of Angry Birds Seasons) it does the one thing every video game should – challenge the player. If you think getting three stars here is going to be a cake walk, prepared to be unpleasantly surprised. By far the hardest birds to perfect, for that reason this game gets a:



Though it’s not a landslide like it’s usually is; Angry Birds Rio is come out soon, and I’m pretty sure that one going to have the goods. If not, I might as well retire my Angry Birds app until something new come down the pipe line.

Crysis 2 Multiplayer Demo Tips – Running and gunning with superpowers

Ok people, just so you know there was a Crysis 2 Multiplayer Demo available for Xbox live gold accounts. It been out for a while now and I’ve been having a great time with it; until the unseen time limit ran out and they close down the multiplayer demo – too bad. Well I have all this Crysis 2 knowledge and I can’t use it until March, so I decided to do the next best thing and teach what I know. Experimentation is always key, but with these. the learning curve won’t be slapping you in the face so much at launch:



1. Getting to know your Semiautonomous Enhanced Combat Ops: Neuro-integration and Delivery AI (S.E.C.O.N.D.) Nanosuit

Basically that’s the thing your character wearing and makes the game different than any other shooter so far. With a push of a button(s) it’s can make you run quicker (although it’s no more quicker than any other run/rush/sprint in any other shooter), be tougher by increasing your armor’s resistance to all damage, and even become invisible to get the drop on many unaware players. You get all these abilities at start which is awesome and you can use them whenever you want. However the down side is that all those abilities draw from the same power source which needs to be recharged the longer a power or powers are being used. The powerbar (my term, not the game’s) recharge is quick enough, but if you max it out you’ll be vulnerable and the bar won’t charge for a few seconds – and that’s an eternity on the battlefield. So while it’s tempting to go full throttle with the super jazz, I recommend against it, otherwise it will be your head being sniped in instant replay.



2. Power & Armor & Stealth highs and lows

Power means sprinting in most cases, and sprinting makes you go faster (obviously). It also helps you climb and reach ledges from structures, hops gaps in spaces, slide on the ground for tactical take-downs and make quick escapes when things get hairy. All this action eats your powerbar so watch the random parkour stuff chief.


Armor is a Rambo’s fanboy/girl dream come true. Turn it on and go to town on players who are too stupid to use it themselves (especially with the LMG), it does make getting multikills must easier. However once activated it will make you slower (even while sprinting) and drain your powerbar for each bullet hit. Also turn it on while being attacked doesn’t help much in the long run.


Stealth’s advantages are obvious and are great for guerilla style assassinations (seriously players freak the freakout) but be careful. Stealth has the fasting drain of your powerbar of the three abilities; add sprinting and your only have a few seconds – tops. Also attacking or being attacked while stealthed will automatically max out your powerbar. Manually shutting down stealth, then attacking, will incur no penalty, but again won’t help if you’re being attacked.  Stealth is very high risk/high reward; used property you can rule the field, used poorly and it will be nothing but an endless montage of pain and suffering.




3. Tools make the man

Incredible powers are only half the game, weapons are the other half. For the sake of the demo are only four main weapons available: assault rifle, LMG, sniper and the cheap ol’shotty. Now am sure all of you have played a FPS before so you know the basic mechanics of the weapons here: the assault rifle is deadly accurate and easy to use (good for beginners), the LMG is a very big gun that shoots lots of bullets (great for mowing down more than one enemy), the sniper is, as always, one shot – one kill (headshot that is), and shotguns low range/high fire power hasn’t changed since time immortal. Players can even add weapon attachments like hologram projectors, silencers and sight scopes to really ramp up the aggression.  It’s up to the player to decide what combination of powers, weapons and tactics will lead to victory. Of course there will be more weapons available at launch, these weapon types will be the ones players will use at the beginning.



4. Mucho! Mucho! Melee!

Ok people, even in a shooting game I’m always the guy charging in to clobbering people with rifle butts, skull cracks, and yes even riot shields (but don’t tell my clan, Shhhh!). So I’m happy to say Crysis 2 fully support my warrior lifestyle, melee attacks are one hit, one kill (unarmored – two if opponent is armored). It’s almost too easy, if you don’t get gun down first; what’s more it almost makes using the shotgun useless. Even at close range you can miss an enemy (multiple times) if they’re moving around, smacking them in the head once and they drop. So be bold! Catch a player off guard and save some bullets all at the same time – Judo Chop.



5. Spawn cloaking

From the demo spawning locations are always random so there’s a possibly the full game will follow (nano) suit. In that case it’s a good idea to cloak as soon as you appear, it will cut down on cheap shots attacks against you and you’ll be able to recon the area before your power runs out (provided you don’t sprint for no good reason). Heck you might even catch an ambusher with an ambush of your own.



6. Make those shots count

Like the vaunted Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series, there isn’t any ‘ammo drops’ floating about in multiplayer. This means bullets (or whatever) are a finite luxury that are only regained through death or luck via finding the same weapon type drop from an enemy’s corpse. So make sure you fire with purpose, flank your enemies, or go for a cheap melee strike; otherwise you’ll be stuck using a pistol, and pistols suck.



7. Getting to know your Semiautonomous Enhanced Combat Ops: Neuro-integration and Delivery AI (S.E.C.O.N.D.) Nanosuit pt.2

Your gear doesn’t just give you powers, it also gives you modules as well. These modules help complement the Power, Armor & Stealth powers you use; making you an even more effective super solider. With your stealth module you can choose to make your footsteps silent to gain total sneak attacks, or maybe amp up your armor mode module to recharge your powerbar partially for every kill you make. Really shake up the competition with the air stomp power module and bring death from above in glorious resolution; the choice is really yours as there are many modules to choose from. Become the ultimate living weapon of your own design.



8. Dogging those Dog tags

Also like Modern Warfare, Crysis 2 has killstreaks, only you don’t just get them by killing players, you must also collect the downed enemies dog tags (which is also customized to the player’s liking). Which makes campers cry: a sniper on a very high vantage point can headshot people all the live long day, he won’t gain killstreak the first without coming down to collect those tags. Of course such people could always activate the Dog tag module and collect the tags automatically; they may lose a potentially helpful mod in doing so. Experimentation is key people.


Well that’s all I could take from my, short, short demo experience. I had fun and I can’t wait for March 22 to come. So readers take my words to heart; when this game go’s live and you’re starting up multiplayer for the first time, don’t be on the wrong side of a smackdown.


TBL’s Character Select Screen – Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds pt. 8


Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in. TrueBackLash here again with pt. 8 of my



…character coverage. Three more characters have surface, one from the old skool MvC games, one new character to the series and the boss of the game. Let’s dive in.

Company: Marvel
Series: X-Men
– Not just any mutant-hunting, cold, robotic, unfeeling Sentinel. The badass, cheap combating, mini-Sentinel wilding Sentinel debuting in X-Men: Children of the Atom. Tall, strong, slightly fast and with the ability to fly, Sentinel is a pretty decent addition to the roster.

Company: Capcom
Series: Darkstalkers
– Well, well, well…after months of denying that there were no more Darkstalkers characters in the game, here pops up Hsien-Ko. Known as Lei-Lei in Japan, she is a Chinese girl turned hopping vampire. She use a plethora of bladed, chained and spiked metal weapons that comes right out of her sleeves (how she gets all those weapons in her sleeves is a mystery). Character-wise, she’s an awesome addition, but she is not for beginners.

Company: Marvel
Series: Fantastic Four
– The final boss of the game is the devourer of worlds. How cool is that? I won’t spoil too much on how he fights, but he mixes the fighting abilities of Apocalypse and Onslaught. He also is, by far the biggest boss in Capcom fighting game history.

Well, I’m done today, but no it’s up to you, get this game today, it’s going to be awesome. This is TBL, peace.

Character Quote (Black History Edition) – Barret Wallace

When I’m through, there won’t be s single sucka standing!

Well then people, other than hearts and love and crap, February is also known for Black History Month. Africans Americans have come a long way since the start of our little nation here, however if there’s anything harder than finding a black person surviving past the first act in any movie is finding them as main characters (or at least main cast) in video games. As a black man myself (although my family tree is quite the genetic cocktail) I try to do right by my people so for the whole month I’ll be highlight great black characters in gaming – starting with Barret Wallace. Sure he’s big, large, had a mini-gun for a hand, and was Mr. T like character in general, but the fact he is an interesting (if not humorous) part of the main cast of Final Fantasy 7 makes him more than note worthy. Thanks to his inclusion, more and more people of color are starting to make their way into the gaming genre. Here to you my man, keep giving Shinra hell!



The just in (or not) – Madden predictions and Angry Birds

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!!!1! Yes, yes you are, and so am I. The Superbowl is only a few days away and even a hardcore gamer like myself must shut off all my consoles and take part in watching. Not because of the game, but because of the awesome a million dollar apiece commercials (and TBL analysis on Armada soon after *wink-wink, nudge-nudge, say no more-say no more*); this year however is different because the Steelers, America’s Team, are once again going to the Superbowl. Their vic- I mean opponents are the Green Bay Packers, which, according to TBL, are pretty good; however I believe the Steelers are going to bring home their 7th (lucky number) ring and not because I say so (although that’s good enough in my opinion) but because EA’s Madden 2011 has deemed it so. Go ahead, call me crazy, but numbers rarely lie; it has been eight years since they started this experiment and except for Super Bowl XLII it has always predicted the winners (so far). Which is awesome and scares me a little, because the Madden series is known for taking out players (not permanently) who are on that year’s cover (see ‘Madden curse’) and now predicting the future. Madden is slowly become a combination of the Mayans and Skynet so watch out sports fans they maybe becoming for us next.

Anywho, great news everyone! The next chapter of the Angry Birds is coming in twofold: first Angry Birds Valentines (not it’s actually title) will feature a softer, kinder, gentler, way of viciously maiming green pigs. Look forward to heart shaped backgrounds and barriers, lighter color tones, and maybe even female birds (hey those eggs they keep losing have to come from somewhere). I’m not sure if this is going to be a stand-alone game or part of Angry Birds Seasons (although that’s likely), it will be due out by the 14th. The other game (although I’m not quite sure that’s part of cannon, even if Angry Birds actually has cannon) is Angry Birds Rio which is a tie in to both the birds we know and love and the animated movie Rio by 20th Century Fox coming out this spring. Leave it to Rovio to keep things interesting, I have no idea how this will work out but given their track record we have nothing to worry about. Oh yeah, Rovio is also putting out a Superbowl commercial of their own, promoting Angry Birds Rio. At the end it has a code to unlock a secret level in a Angry Birds’ game (not sure which one), so use lesser Superbowl commercial (and you know which ones) for bathroom breaks – just don’t miss this commercial.