Product Placement – Super Mario 3-DEES Gummy, ‘New’ Super Mario Bros Coin Candies, & Nintendo Cherry Sours

I got to tell you people, life keeps it interesting from the world’s stage to the supermarket you’ll never know what’s coming down the next corner. I was running errands for some loved ones at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and while I was waiting in the checkout line you’ll never guess what I saw at the Candy table:

That’s right, the good lord decided to reward my good deeds in candy form! So I quickly grabbed them up, made the purchases and left. Before I opened them up and ate them however I got the idea that these delicious treats (assumingly) can be used as a product placement review for Armada, killing two birds with one stone – what can go wrong?


The Look:

3-Dees Gummy:  First are the ‘Super Mario 3-DEES Gummy’ candies by Au’some Inc. and of course Nintendo. Box itself has pictures of Mario (not the legendary Penguin), DK (not the fast food joint), Diddy (not the rapper) and Yoshi (insert you own ‘not the blank’ here). It also shows the favors, nutrition facts, number of pieces, etc. All with a background color of  ‘blue’ that fades inward. Now I really don’t expect Picasso from my gummy treat box art, but what’s here can be easily done by anyone using Microsoft Paint. So it’s bland… Then again, it caught my eye that day, so meh.

New Super Mario Bros. Coin Candies: Now this is what I’m talking about, the container is in the shape of the iconic ‘Question Box (or Mystery Box)’ from the Super Mario games. Simple yet effective. The Box is small enough to fit into pants pockets so there is very little info on the bottom of it; just some ingredients, bar code, product branding, and what have you. This product is straight from Boston America Corp and the only thing bad about the packaging is that the box is sealed pretty tight. So either have strong finger nails, a flathead screwdriver, or a sledgehammer with you or you won’t be getting jack (I used the sledgehammer).

Nintendo Cherry Sours:  Like the Coin Candies the Cherry Sours are in the shape of another iconic Super Mario shape: The Mushroom. Again simple yet effective, again little info on the bottom (the print’s even smaller than the Coin Candies), and again distributed Boston America Corp. However the winkle here is that you have to twist turn the mushroom cap off to get to the candies. That was hard… They must of vacuumed sealed these shrooms for freshness ness or something because they won’t give up the sweetness easily (on my second try I used the sledgehammer again).

The Taste:

3-Dees Gummy:  It has very little smell, when I do smell something it does smell like fruit. On first chew, it is very – plasticy (good grief – I got poison control speed dial people). However after thoroughly chewed the fruit flavors were definitely there, exploding so in fact – so it was pretty good.


Coin Candies:  Small but strong smell coming from the Coin Candies; now what that smell is I couldn’t begin to tell you. The little yellow discs themselves are very similar to SweetTarts: hard, chalky and can either be sucked down (Archer: Hey! Phrasing!) or chewed (if you got a good denial plan). However unlike SweetTarts I can’t tell what flavor I’m eating here, no matter how many I put in my mouth (Archer: Hey! Phrasing!). Whatever the flavor I’m good with it.

Cherry Sours:  Like the Coin Candies the Cherry Sours are small, hard, and a near unidentifiable smell (although powerful) and taste. Only this time there is a hint of sour along with the cherry flavor (hence the name).


The Aftereffect:


3-Dees Gummy:  As good as the gummies were they did give me a little ingestion here. Nowhere near as bad as the ‘White Out’ Mountain Dew debacle, but still products giving me tummy troubles loses points in my book.


Coin Candies:  Tasty but small and unfulfilling, it’s a good thing they give you a sizeable amount.


Cherry Sours:  Next verse, same as the first (tasty but small and unfulfilling).

The Verdict:

Despite the Nintendo branding there’s nothing special about these candies, the 3-Dees made me sick to my stomach (just a little). So why pass’em, well because of the containers really – they’re cool. Sure you can buy your own mushroom or question box from anywhere online, but chances are they’ll cost you more to pay for them than I paid for mine (and mine came with candy). As a lifelong gamer I surprisingly have very few gamer trinkets and I wasn’t going to special order anything because that money could be put towards games. So having these awesome (and affordable) tokens of gaming on my various work surfaces does my heart good (of course not the Gummy box – I threw that out).

On a Serious Note…

Nintendo is my favorite video game company if you couldn’t tell; I have no doubt without them gaming would not exist as it is today. This company is only one of the many great things that came from Japan; as we well all know the country itself is in dire straits due to resent events. I don’t care you who are; if you get hit with an earthquake, a tsunami, and then a threat of nuclear meltdown right next door chances are you’ll need some help. Please donate to the Red Cross, support your fellow man – it’s the right thing to do.