This just in (or not) – Mortal Kombat Legacy premiers today


Ladies and gentlemen, I like Mortal Kombat, no lie. Sure the games’ hyper violence can be a bit… Much. In the long run it was mindless fun that everyone enjoyed (even if they weren’t allowed to at the time). My personal enjoyment didn’t stop with the games either, it extended to the live action movie too. Mortal Kombat, circa 1995, was a great story, excellent cast, and action that came from everywhere – who can ask for more? Until the sequel killed the movie franchise (and Johnny Cage – T.B.L. took that pretty hard too). Never the less, that was then, this is now. A new, slightly rebooted, Mortal Kombat game with be gracing us on the 19th and on the movie front we have Mortal Kombat Legacy – web series based on Mortal Kombat universe. They will release new content every week and the first showing is today. T.B.L. and I have watched it and it’s not bad, we’ll see if they can keep it up.