Frying the Coke

Hey everybody, True Backlash back again. Been along time Armada faithful, work, life (and Sporcle, heh – BB) and stuff.


Anyway there’s a new meme in town, it’s called


Created by Doug “The Nostalgia Critic” Walker of That Guy with the Glasses. Frying the Coke takes it roots from the ending of the 1997 motion picture Double Team. Defined by the Critic as the “ultimate in awesomely and laughably implausible”.


To see the ending itself, watch the video review of Double Team, starting from the 14 minute mark (caution the Critic uses strong language so if you have kids or are easily offended, I suggest skipping it).



All right gang this my contribution for today, take care.



(Also Armada will be posting this in our Tropes section as well for EZ reference – BB)

Update – About A.R.M.A.D.A + Armada-pedia

Well, it’s been about 3 years since Video Game Armada went live, that’s awesome. Even though I’ve never been one to rest on my laurels, or celebrate doing something I love for a long period of time. However it occurs to me that I’ve never explained what our purpose  here at Armada is (although I’m pretty sure many of you made educated guesses); so I’ve created the information tab called ‘About A.R.M.A.D.A.’ to confirm all those educated guesses out there. Also while I’m at it, I might as well dust off that ‘Armada-pedia’ tab start filling with, you guessed it, words.

So check them out today, you might even learn something.