This just in (or not) – The greatest PS3 Hack ever sold!

Can't really tell who's the biggest hack in this picture here.

Well it was bound to happen sometime, hackers have been a very busy folk these past couple of years breaking into databases and stealing the precious nuggets of information from websites to corporations. Today those insidious cowardly lots have hit close to home because now they infiltrated the PlayStation Network. Come on hackers, what did the network ever do to you man? So far only basic information (user locations, emails, etc.) may have been discovered, financials aspects seem to be safe. However to insure to the protection of Network users (including myself) new information, passwords and emails are recommended at this point. Sorry…

(Update 5/2 – Yeah… Financial info may have also been infiltrated, so it is imperative to change all info on your accounts now.)

(Update 5/17 – Ok, so everything on PSN should be up and run now, however you’ll need to change your passwords (duh). My recommendation is you change everything, better to be safe than screwed right?)

Now for some lighter news, as of now the city of Altoona, Pa. will be referred as “POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold” to promote the movie with the same name. Apparently it’s a movie about advertising, written and directed by Morgan Spurlock (you know the genius who filmed himself eating nothing but McDonalds and what surprised by the result). Anyway he paid Altoona $25,000 for the sixty day name change to illustrate the point that people and places will do things for money (this guy’s a freaken genius right). Hey Sputnik, if you’re just giving away money for obvious crap then pass some of that to Armada’s way; we can finally start that “Giving kids candy makes them hyper” film we been chomping at the bit to do since never.