Armada’s E3 picks – Luigi Mansion 2


Ok then, my last clue was the toughest one to date…. Because I didn’t give one, my bad. Well no biggie, today’s a new day and that means a new E3 game pick no matter what. Now before I continue I must ask any little children, pregnant women, and people with health problems to leave the site right now; for the contents of this pick are so scary it will chill you to your soul. VG Armada is liable if people get off’ed by soul hypothermia (long story). Anywho, the game is… Luigi Mansion 2, I know it’s so cute it’s scary. Poor Luigi, all he wants to do is live in peace, but his heroic brother, wild girlfriend and Mushroom Kingdom antics has put him one odd situation after another. Even striking on his own is met only with disaster and the supernatural, it happened once and it’s happing again, apparently. Luigi, in Luigi Mansion 2, once again plays exterminator in another haunted mansion; while we don’t know why he’s back or what will come from this new adventure, we do know it’s going to be on the 3DS and should be a lot of fun (well not for Luigi).





Oops… I almost did it again, here’s the clue for the today: Some girlie games are pink and filled with horses, shopping and the like. However a unique few have what really matters, body blows, projectiles, and skull crushing finalities.



Armada’s E3 picks – Overstrike


Now I’m in a unique position with this title, as it was made by Insomniac Games. On the one hand they made the Ratchet and Clank series in which I’m huge fan of; on the other hand they also made the Resistance series which I’m not quite the fan of. So Overstrike could go either way (in my opinion), but if any developer has the skill to create the light-hearted take on the whole ‘one team of misfits’ against ‘a large unknown evil bent on annihilate the human race’ its  Insomniac Games. I’m sure this title will be filled with awesome weapons, comedic timing, and an epic story we’ll all remember for all time. Still… I think for now the upcoming Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One (more on this later) will be a better indicator on how Overstrike will play out (or at least something to compare it to when the time comes).





This just in (or not) – Apes and Cats rule the world, but the Supreme Court just keep playing video games.


Alrighty ladies and gentlemen I have some interesting bits of news today, news that should bring smiles to anyone who reads it (or at least to the people who come here anyway).First off, the ‘Planet of the Apes’. Now I’ve never seen the legendary Charlton Heston version, but I did see the 2001 remake that I’m sure was equally as ridiculous and ‘brain-off’ fun as the original. My only real gripe it that they never finished up the series (I’m assuming due to the ending), I hate loose ending in stories. Well that series maybe coming back, and might still fit with the original’s storyline too: in the upcoming prequel ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’. Where, once again, man does something stupid and creates highly evolved apes. We all sort ta know where this movie is going to end up, but I don’t mind paying $7.50 to find out. The planet gets jungle fever August the 5th.




In other anthropomorphic news, guess what beloved 1980’s cartoon / semi anime is coming back to the world via Cartoon Network. Here’s a clue (what child of the 80s hasn’t said this once). That’s right the ThunderCats are coming back and might I say they’re looking pretty sharp. Now I’m pretty sure they’re going to follow the path of the original series, but in a updated and more modern sort ta way. All I know for certain is that this new show is going to be awesome and finally help put Cartoon Network back on the righteous path. Young Justice and Ben 10 makes me cry, and the disappearance of Sym-Bionic Titan makes me mad. Thundercats re-premier’s Friday, July 29.




Finally, we did it, gamers of all sizes, shapes, and credos: the Supreme Court rebuffs California’s attempt to block the selling (and renting) of violent video games to minors. Stating that allowing the state to do so would violate some of the freedoms all American citizens share – even children. In a 7 to 2 vote claiming that law unconstitutional, it was almost a no contest. I’m glad the powers that be saw reason and fixed this issue before it became a problem – and California, shame of you. Within your state, you get away with anything under the sun, most of it legal. But oh, let some birds get little too angry and that crosses a line. Well people, since time immortal, the education, protection, and guidance of all minors is the sole responsibly of good parents, period. Parental proxy via litigation just doesn’t work.


Armada’s E3 picks – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3


I know, I know, yesterday‘s clue was waaaaay too difficult for most, but hey I can’t throw softballs all the time. Anyway I couldn’t call Modern Warfare 3 a surprise either; many first person shooting fans have been chomping at the bit to get hands on this multiplayer master piece. Story wise it continues from MW2 which basically starts World War 3. Players fill the roles of several different soldiers on the front lines, as well as spec opts and even some ‘heroes’ from the last two games in the series. Through their combine efforts they try to set right the world before the world conflict goes nuclear. However the series’ greatest strength is its online mode; going to many different locations across the globe, meeting different people — and wasting them with AC 130 killstreak. Who knows what kind of action packed madness awaits us all this time around. Stay tuned!





Tomorrow: This new comer impressed a lot of attendees at E3; combined with a unique look, backed by a proven developer, and the game itself focuses on humor, it might be the game to replace Team Fortress 2, or at least give Monday Night Combat a run for its cashball.



Armada’s E3 picks – Gears of Wars 3


Ah Cliffy B, I don’t know if the brother is lucky or good, but he does make a generic sci-fi shooter pretty darn fun to play. Last we left off humanity was in dire straits; their savage enemy called ‘the locus’ are now slowly becoming something else. Something that’s even more terrible and seeks the destruction of both humans and locus. Now basically well-armed water hobos, Marcus Fénix and Delta Squad will be the last hope anyone has on Sera because the Imulsion really hit the fan this time in Gears of War 3. It sound great and all, but what I really care about is that Clay Carmine survives. If you don’t know what I’m talking about: here. I hope you all voted to save the last living Carmine on Sera – if he dies, awesomeness dies with him. Don’t let that happen.





Ok here’s the clue for tomorrow’s game: It’s Modern Warfare 3.



Armada’s E3 picks – Saint’s Row: the Third


Come on now people, after San Andreas the GTA series has been missing an important element all video games should have: fun (maybe not Chinatown Wars). They have been one boring slog after another, not to mention the monotone graphics and anal controls they shared too. Fortunately there is another option for the fans of outrageous, open-world, crime games out there and that’s Saint’s Row. I’m as pleased as punch to proclaim that a 3rd game (called Saint’s Row: the Third natch) was announced was at E3 and will be making our holidays a little more jolly this year. Just when you think the 3rd Street Saints could sit back and enjoy their criminal empire of Stillwater after what they dealt which in the last two games; here comes the Syndicate to (and did apparently) usurp their power and the city. Banished to Steelport, the Saints must rebuild and regain all they lost and if that means going to open war with the Syndicate, robbing banks, stealing cars, pimping out headquarters, preform illegal street races, accomplish impossible stunts, make time with all the shorties, and become an urban legend in our own time – then so be it.





Here’s your clue: Computers don’t work without microchips, sandwiches don’t without mayo, what’s needed for old thyme clocks and the Coalition of Ordered Governments for them to work?



Armada’s E3 picks – Halo 4



Well people we all knew it was coming, after Reach and Bungie departure from the legacy series, we knew it was only a matter of time before someone else takes the mantle of ‘Master of Master Chief’ and continues the story of the hardest working man in the galaxy (sorry Commander Shepard). At this point there is no real information on this title in any way, shape, or form outside the obvious. But hey, at least there are preorder available at various locations so we can all get an real early start on it. So why we selected this as an E3 pick when chances are it will show up at next year’s E3? Because it Halo, duh – and hopefully the fourth game in will make me forget the digital diarrhea that was Halo Reach every existed.





Alright, the clue for tomorrow’s game pick goes as followed: It’s what GTA wishes it could be.



Armada’s E3 picks – Dead Island


Zombie titles, there isn’t a shortage of them. Quite frankly I’m getting tired of zombies as of late because they seem to be everywhere: on TV, movies, and yes video games. It’s like the powers that be want to overuse every conventional horror stereotype until judgment day. I was about to write off Dead Island as another would-be Resident Evil, until I saw it in action. It was great. Not much on story but the specs impressed me: seamless drop-in/out co-op, inventive weapon customization, roleplaying elements, and open-world zombie slaying on a beautiful tropical island. From what I can tell; Dead Island is the perfect mix of Resident Evil and Left 4 Dead giving all horror gaming fans something to enjoy.  However we won’t know anything until we get our hot little hands on that title, here’s to having it sooner than later.



Alrighty then, that’s it for today, here’s a clue for tomorrow’s game:


Xbox players – you’ve played this series yesterday, today, and tomorrow. It’s coming back to a surprise to no one, a cash cow in Spartan armor.



Ok, in a new segment I’m calling ‘What the Freak / For the Win’, last night I saw the most epicly ridiculous moment on  WWE’s Raw. Where three ‘heel‘ wrestlers: R TruthChristian, and The Miz complain about how they got screwed on the ‘Capital Punishment‘ pay per view event. Pretty standard, but then it broke into a brief but hilarious skit that harken to the days of the three stooges. Just watch it your see what I mean.

Reviewer’s Review – Atop the Fourth Wall


Wow, three years since I’ve done this segment, it’s all dusty and everything… Truth be told I had no need to do anymore because the internet provides so many topics. Well today I was inspired to do another Reviewer’s Review on one Lewis Lovhaug also unknown as Linkara of ‘Atop the Fourth Wall’. Now I’m probably preaching to the choir over here, but for the people who don’t know Atop the Fourth is a both part independent blog and review videos dealing with the comic book universe and on occasion the nerd culture. His reviews are great because not only do they inform the viewers of the small, detailed, intricacies of comic books; but entertain them will smart jokes, witty observations, and of course pop culture references. True Backlash and myself watch him every week. What really sets him apart from the crop is that from time to time his introduces his own created characters and story lines that are, quite frankly, fun to watch.  So your probably thinking: ‘Why sing his praises now when he’s been doing this for years?’ Answer 1) because I’m lazy & answer 2)  because his latest comic book review really put his awesomeness over the top;  Game Boy #1. If there anything we’re big on here at Video Game Armada, it’s Video Games. So here’s to Mr. Lovhaug for doing an excellent job and for making internet a lot more fun (and a little less disgusting).



Visit his blog: Atop the Fourth Wall

And his blip videos like the one above.