Armada’s E3 picks – Halo 4



Well people we all knew it was coming, after Reach and Bungie departure from the legacy series, we knew it was only a matter of time before someone else takes the mantle of ‘Master of Master Chief’ and continues the story of the hardest working man in the galaxy (sorry Commander Shepard). At this point there is no real information on this title in any way, shape, or form outside the obvious. But hey, at least there are preorder available at various locations so we can all get an real early start on it. So why we selected this as an E3 pick when chances are it will show up at next year’s E3? Because it Halo, duh – and hopefully the fourth game in will make me forget the digital diarrhea that was Halo Reach every existed.





Alright, the clue for tomorrow’s game pick goes as followed: It’s what GTA wishes it could be.



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  1. […] Reach’ there no way you’ll going to play Halo 4 right? Actually, no. Like I said before on my Armada E3 pick last year, its Halo, so it’s basically a requirement to play. Plus I don’t condemn the son for the sins […]

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