Armada’s E3 picks – Kid Icarus Uprising

Last E3 my mind was blown when they announced the Nintendo 3DS to the world; a console with the capability to play games in 3D without the need of special glasses. The titles they showed were impressive but there was only one I wanted more than the others: Kid Icarus. When they showed that video at the end I was reminded why Nintendo rules the video game world. One year later the 3DS launches and is doing well, its online functions are up and running, but still no Kid Icarus. But hey it can’t be too much longer right? And when it showcased once again at E3 this year, it reviled a multiplayer mode that only makes me want the game all the more (you can become a battle angel, who wouldn’t want that).  Fortunately more 3DS games are coming out every day to make the wait more bearable, but like last year Kid Icarus Uprising is the one  I, and many others, are waiting for.





Tomorrow’s Pick: I swear BioWare, if you make us wait one more year…



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