Armada’s E3 picks – Star Wars: The Old Republic


How long has it been BioWare, two or three years since you announced you were creating a massive multiplayer online role playing game based 200 years before Star Wars films? Sure it seemed like a risky venture, but once you account for the fact that BioWare is a developer with an almost flawless record of successful games and of course already succeeded with the Star Wars property: ‘Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic’ and those doubts melt away by butter. In fact; the fan base is galvanized due to the weekly information updates of class specs, story, characters, what have you. However the time has come to end the pain of millions (and millions) of gamer fans and finally give a release date. Seriously an open beta would be ideal, but the date would at give us something to work with and not just keep us pining in pain for not. I know, you guys want to make sure everything’s perfect, but nothing perfect and errors will show up eventually, just patch as you go. So please, please, please, give us the game already – you’re our only hope.





Tomorrow’s pick: You ever play ‘Warhawk’; you ever play ‘Warhawk’ in space?