Armada’s E3 picks – Starhawk


Well I did it again, I missed the E3 pick yesterday, but I have an reason – *ahem* I was wrong. See after my comments on the meet the medic post addressing how playing the PC version of Team Fortress 2 was pointless. Well quite a few of you were ‘vocal’ about it, many said just to use a keyboard and mouse, but a few said I can use my xbox controller to play the game. So with a little luck and research I was able to enable full controller functionally. Yeah baby… So for the past couple of days I’ve been zoning out on TF2 on the PC, teaching newb and vet both what time it really is – it’s like meeting an old friend for the firs time. Anyhow back to the pick: it’s StarHawk.


Now I’ve never played the first game in the series, Warhawk, but many tell me it similar to Star Wars: Battlefield mixed with a little Crimson Skies. It was definitely one of Sony’s earliest successes on their just released PS3 at the time; now in 2011 more people have PS3s in their homes and a sequel is just right for the announcing. Starhawk will have noticeable improvements like actual story (being the first game was mainly multiplayer), a dynamic sci fi setting, the ability to drop building, vehicles, and reinforcement from orbiting ships, and of course larger multiplayer fun. Still no release date on this, but I can wait on a game that will allow me to use transforming battle mechs any time I want.





Note: Sorry people no clue today because there isn’t going to be a pick tomorrow – and no not just to play more team fortress (although I will be doing that too). True Backlash’s birthday will be tomorrow so I decided to take a break and show him a proper good time.