Armada’s Trifecta + 1 E3 picks

That’s right people we promised we’d to catch up and now we are, starting with:



 Armored Core V


This one actually graced my various information networks only but a few days ago. I’m glad to see it back however, been a fan ever since the first game (which I still have). Most mechs games are either like ‘Gundam’ using a non-customizable robots or ‘Mech Warrior’ being slow, plodding, and unimpressive. The Armored Core series was the first game that allowed users to create their own mechs from different, detailed parts (engines, sub weapons, coolants, etc.); but still play like fast paced, 3rd person shooter – with robots. This latest in the series should bring the Core back to its roots since the previous sequels went every way but loose. Other than that no real info on the game is available (not even an official website that can be read in English); however I’ll bet my last dollar that ACV will feature the following:


  • Customizable mechs
  • Strong online play
  • Interesting single player story
  • Hyper robot on robot action

And really, isn’t that all you need? I think so.





Now speaking of game series with the number V in it…





The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


Ok people truth time – I’ve played various ‘Elder Scrolls’ games throughout my gaming career but I never beat one before. Not that I couldn’t mind you but whether they got too long for me, or I got caught up with another game at the time, it just didn’t happen. The games were good, ask anyone, which makes all the more sad; but I won’t let that happen to Skyrim – latest in the series. Basically the Empire of Tamriel (not Gargamel or Azreal) keeps getting invaded by one evil or another. This time its dragons, now I know dragons are as overused as zombies these days, but big, fire breathing terrors that fly still outweigh plodding rotting meat that needs a cough drop. Anywho, the only one who can stop them is the Dragonborne (i.e. you), which might be a bad thing if you didn’t get stronger every time to take one of these things down a la Highlander style. Add to the fact your marshal skills (either sword, sorcery, or shiv) will improve and get better as you use them and how and your pretty much B.A. You need to be because Skyrim, the location of choice this time around, is beautiful, and huge and everything wants to kill you. Sounds like fun, can’t wait.




Now let’s take V and multiply by 2.



Street Fighter X (Cross) Tekken


I’m as happy as a hurricane kick to the head to see the revival of fighting game to the current generation. Sure automatic weapons and magical fire is still cool too, but nothing beats an intense one on one against players to see who is best (answer: me). Street Fighter has a lot to do with this uprising of fighting games lately: a) because of Street Fighter 4 and b) being part of a tie-in fighting game brand: X-Men v Street Fighter, Marvel v Capcom, etc. Well the newest tie-in game might be the biggest and best because it actually pits rival brands against each other to settle things once and for all – Street Fighter X Tekken. Now story is scare, and really story usually is secondary in fighters anyway, but all we know is the most popular Street Fighters and the most popular Tekken characters meet up to beat each other down. Two things however; seening how both fighting brands fight differently from one another two versions of the same game will be released. One playing like Street Fighter, the other playing like Tekken; the other thing, PS3/p players will be glad to know that in their copy comes with the ability to play as Cole McGrath the main character of Infamous. Now a lot of people may argue why he’s in this game, but I said never argue with a man that shoots lightening from his hands.





Now let’s take X and multiply by Infinity.




Bioshock Infinite


Now I love the Bioshock series but one of the things that was always a hindrance is that the games were in an underwater setting and the stages were very closed in. No chance to spread your wings as it were, well no longer in Bioshock Infinite. This time around players get to experience Columbia, a steampunk city that flies above the world at large. This marvel of 1910 engineering however is in a bit of a not-so-civil war, and one by one pieces of Columbia keep falling out of the sky due to the infighting. Your character infiltrates Columbia with one mission in mind, to save a young woman with extraordinary powers from the doomed fate of this crumbling city. Easier said than done because the many different groups on Columbia well see you as an enemy; using tooled-up weapons and mad super science they’ll make your mission almost impossible. Fortunately you can use the same things to defend yourself rather well, but will it be enough to survive against the iconic juggernauts irrational games is known for – we’ll see soon enough.




There we go, all caught up now – now as for tomorrow’s pick: This game’s third and final in the series, it even got live action trailer (again).