Trailer–Rama: Real Steel (a.k.a Rock’em, Sock’em Robots)


Seriously, if I didn’t see it in the movie theater, I would’ve thought it a joke – but it’s true, Rock’em, Sock’em Robots movie. Sure it’s called ‘Real Steel’ and yes it has Hugh Jackman and Phil LaMarr in it, but you look at this trailer and tell me there’s no resemblance to the old game from the 60’s.


Armada’s E3 picks – Mass Effect 3



What can I say about Mass Effect 3 that people and fans of the series don’t already know? This game will the final one in this epic storyline created by BioWare; Commander Shepard must now rally allies from entire races to beat back massive sentient warships from eliminating all life in the universe. Everything players have done to this point in Mass Effect 1 & Mass Effect 2 will all show result in ME3. Not only that your weapons, armor, allies, upgrades, ship, knowledge, abilities, and relationships (both past and present) will also carry over; provided you kept your saved data for each game (and why wouldn’t you for goodness sake). I hope you all found all the weapons, brought all the upgrades, played all the DLCs, helped out your squad, survived the suicide mission, and generally was as ‘Commander Shepard’ as you want to be because when this title drops –  it will leave ripples, guarantee.




Tomorrow’s pick: All I got to say is this, I’m glad its not a Kinect rail shooter.