Armada’s E3 picks – Fable the Journey

Fable is a game series that is known for only one thing, overhype. Game after game we think it’s the one to change everything and turn the gaming world on its ear, but nope, zonked again (wa wa). Despite this fact I’ve always enjoyed the Fable games, they’ll never reinvent the wheel but they’ll make that wheel turn, if you get me. Well the latest (and yet separate) in the series did something no other Fable did before it – completely underwhelm the people at E3. Seriously when that trailer ran it course everyone thought it was rail shooter – the natives got restless then. Fortunately the head man himself confirmed it was not a rail shooter, so lot of people can breathe easily. However other than that, there is no info on this game to date, but it is Fable game so you know it will be good – rail shooter or no (I just hope the Kinect feature is optional).




Tomorrow’s Pick: Another game about a Journey, and guess what, the close beta is out now.