Armada’s E3 picks – Hawken


Now if the audience couldn’t tell I am a big fan of mech games. Riding around in a pimped out super weapon, firing bullets, missiles, bombs, flames, etc, all at once; is quite possibly the most awesome thing ever to see and experience. My next pick, Hawken, could be the one mech game that is synonymous with the Modern Warfare series. Not that they are in the same universe but that the game looks so good, it almost unreal. The video below will explain more than my words ever could, that, and the game has little to no information on itself even on the official website – enjoy!




Tomorrow’s Pick: You can waste time, but can you steal it? Well this artful dodger going to try.




Armada’s E3 picks – Dust 514


EVE Online is not your standard MMORPG; it’s in a sci-fi setting, but it involves a lot of star ship travel, interstellar finance, and not much else. It certainly lacks a human element that all other MMO’s have, til now. Finally the people at CCP Games decided that more action and less middle managing is the way to go – and thus Dust 514 was born. Now I’m still working out the story, but basically this title and EVE Online are connected in one universe so whatever happens to in one game will affect the other. Think of EVE players as rich corporate bodies that aren’t afraid to take things for other, Dust players will be the ones doing the taking for them. As hire mercs we would use many different weapons, armors, vehicles, and tactics to ‘repurpose’ a world. Then hold that world from other hired mercs (aka other Dust players hired by rival EVE players); the better you do, the bigger the payday, the bigger the payday, the more gear and training you can buy and become a more efficient merc. Heck even create your own PMC with your friends and become infamous in two games! Now I know this has been tried before and it didn’t quite work out in other titles, but EVE Online is known for having one of the most hardcore, never say die audiences in the world. While many MMOs dropped off the map, EVE still go’s on strong; now if they apply that same player-cetertic reality with Modern Warfare twitch shooting then that we got ourselves is a winner people.