This just in (or not) – Dorito’s sultry survey causes 3DS to drop (prices)


Alrighty people time for some news. Nintendo 3DS, while a miracle of modern engineering, has not been sailing as high as Nintendo corporate had hoped so on Aug. 12 they decided to reduce the retail price from $250 to $170 here in the USA. Now this doesn’t come as a surprise to me because this isn’t 1997 where people have money to burn; also add to the fact that Nintendo tried to be greedy and mass produce new versions of the same DS system (DSi , XL, DSi LL). Only for when the 3DS came out people would (or couldn’t) buy it because they already has a DS clone not even a year old. These are the only reasons, and not because of the iPhone and iTouch app games. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few diamonds in the rough (Angry Birds, Baseball Superstars II, etc.) but gaming on iDevices are ether limiting, repetitive, or stupid (in some cases all three and offensive). If there one thing Nintendo always had a lock on is the handheld gaming market, this price drop will only make it easier for highly leverage folks to buy one during the holidays. But don’t worry 3DS vets; this won’t be a case of an MMO going f2p and leaving subscribers with a bad taste in their mouths, no, all early buyers of this original price will get ten free Gameboy Advance games and 10 free NES games in the virtual console shop starting on Sept. 1 and going to the end of the year.




In more crunchier news: ladies, did you know, according to Doritos online poll, you enjoy playing online games (weather’s its WoW, CoD or Farmville) more than the following:


  • Taking a bath
  • Shopping
  • Working out and other activities
  • Making love



Yeah… So we try to keep things PG-13 here at Armada so I’m going to make only two statements



Ok, first off, duh. Games are awesome, and men haven’t been doing the follow above since their creation. Second please take this piece of news with a grain of cool ranch style powder; because what does all those things above have in common? You can’t eat Doritos while doing them (and please don’t try, I don’t want a bunch of George Costanza trifectas running around); however gaming is another story. They already got a lock on grimy, out of style, fat gaming males out there with only Doritos as their only source of nourishment – do you think it’s too much of a stretch they aim for the ladies as well? I think not.