Game Review – Gears of War 3


Alrighty people, the Dead Island Review was written so the Gears of War 3 review must be televised. It will, but due to time constraints and the fact that this game has greatly disappointed me (that’s right, you heard me) this review will be very no frills. Many say this game’s a gift to multiplayer but I say wait for MW3 – here’s my review.

This just in (or not) – Star Wars: The Old Republic release date (no seriously)

So I was about to drink my coffee, watch Cartoon Network (hey it is Saturday after all), and play Adventure Quest, you know, morning stuff. Then I said to myself:


“Hey, yesterday was fan Friday on, so I better see what on this week. Maybe an Holonet Galactic Timeline entry – finally…”


However, this is what I saw:

An actual screenshot from my computer (duh).


So yeah, there is nothing more to say here, December 20 is ‘the’ day game for ‘the’ game. So as the great portal host Dave Meinstein once said: “Get your affairs in order, say goodbye to your families, because this one is going to be epic.


This just in (or not) – Wolverine actor, Hugh Jackman, fractures jaw of former Pro-Wrestling Heavyweight Champ.


Okay, so if you’re not a fan of professional wrestling, then you probably missed Hugh Jackman making a guest appearance on <WWE Raw Supershow. Yep the Emmy and Tony award winning actor was the show’s guest host mainly there to get a cheap pop (a cheer caused by shameless schmoozing) out of the audience and get free publicity for his latest film.


All of a sudden jerky ex-World Heavyweight Champion, Dolph Ziggler and his manager Vickie Guerrero come out to confront the Wolverine star (calling him Batman while he was at it). This all boils down to a match between Ziggler and WWE fan favorite and internet celeb, Zach Ryder, with Jackman in Ryder’s corner. When the easily distracted ref is, well distracted, Jackman winds up his right fist, smashing his adamantium bones right in Ziggler’s chops, helping Ryder get the W.




Well a day later, Ziggler tweeted on his Twitter page:

land in Bikini Bottom 9:30 am, MRI scheduled for 1 pm…..possible fractured jaw #thanksBatman




hairline mandibular fracture. Guess i’ll put my chipotle in a blender for a few weeks, its not ballet #HEEL > heal.



Fortunately all Ziggler needs is a special mouth guard and he’ll still be able to wrestle. But this goes to show you, you don’t mess with a 6′ 2 Aussie who played a savage mutant with razor sharp claws and who was taught to box by boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard.


Well that’s all I got, til next time, this is TBL, hoping my next post won’t be two months later.

This just in (or not) – John Cena and Ms. Piggy go at it in the ring!


Ok swabbies, I wasn’t quite sure how t’ put this latest bit o’ news so I’m goin’ t’ say ‘t flat ou’: Th’ Muppets be comin’ t’ WWE Raw. Now Raw be nay stranger t’ non-wrestlin’ stars showin’ up as an guest or guest ‘General Manager’ on the’r show once in th’ while; Bob Barker, Ben Roethlisberger, Snoop Dogg, Floyd Mayweather Jr, an’ more would interact wi’ th’ wrestlers, th’ fans an’ pitch whaterecause or product they support in th’ squared circle. They kept things interestin’ yet reasonable within th’ reality o’ th’ show. Howerewith th’ Muppets, I fear they’ll push me willin’ suspension o’ disbelief a wee too far – e’en fer a wrestlin’ fan such as myself. Arrr, so, aye they’re goin’ on th’ show t’ most likely t’ promote the’r upcomin’ movie (Th’ Muppets); an’ aye they’re showin’ up on th’ most feasible tide possible fer them (Halloween). But seriously swabbies can anythin’ good come from this union o’ spandex an’ felt based puppetry? Aw! Who I’m I kiddin’? This be awesome!

Average Video Gamer #6 – The Fall of Games: Pt.3

Astarboardly, th’ third an’ final in this storyline. Once gamer get his pre-orders homeport, he does what he does best: plays them. Howerethere`s somethin’ t’ be spake about takin’ a break ever’ once in a while. Enjoy!

(By th’ by, Talk like a Pirate Day maybe o’er everywhere else, but th’ Armada keeps ‘t goin’ fer one more tide ARRR!!!)



This just in (or not) – DC is free, DLC for DAII is not, arr…


Heroes an’ villains. Thar be a fascination wi’ both forces, an’ in comic books they’re super (sorry I couldn’t help myself)… But in Octobree they be free, well at least in DC Universe anyway. Playin’ follow th’ leader t’ many MMOs ou’ thar, they too become free-t’-play t’ th’ satisfaction o’ cheap skate players like myself. O’ course them still willin’ t’ pay $15 a moon will enjoy certain advantages o’er th’ “freemium” players. In th’ long run howerewhether ye pay or nay, this will definitely boost numbers fer th’ game an’ finally give swabbies on th’ fence a wee push in th’ starboard direction. On Dragon Age DLC news th’: ‘Mark o’ th’ Assassin’ story, startin’ Felicia Day, will go live on Octobree 11. This time around Hawke must help an elf assassin named Tallis reclaim ancient relic o’ some kind. How this will affect th’ overall story remains t’ be seen, but at least will give players a new challenge t’ overcome.



The Awesome Truth (The Miz & R Truth) Remix


Before th’ first match fer th’ `Night o’ Champions` pay per view these two scallywags `Th’ Miz` an’ `R Truth`, now known as Awesome Truth (nay th’ name I would be havin’ chosen), decided t’ drop the’r new tag team remix. Enjoy.