This just in (or not) – Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Program starts today


Well people I’m proud to say I was one of the first buyers of the Nintendo 3DS and I’ve never regretted it. My only real compliant (and the compliant of many) is there weren’t enough games to fully enjoy the awesome power of this technology. Then again most consoles at launch don’t really have a good library; they usually get away with two great games to hold off demand until developers gets busy. The 3DS two games were either already out for months or Lego Star Wars, but still, Nintendo knows this and decided to ‘provide incentive’ for all gamers at large. Newbies can buy the 3DS for the new rock-bottom price of $170; while early buyers of the system (who from now on I’ll call Ambassadors) got automatically signed on the ‘Ambassador Program’ (provided they logged in to the Nintendo e-shop on their 3DS before Aug. 19). Anyway players being in the Ambassador Program will get 20 free virtual console games – starting today. Couple of things though; one, it’s not live yet so it may take some time (of course I’m typing this at 10 in the morning, EST, so maybe I’m just early) and two, Ambassadors will only get half the games today and the rest in the future. Now these games are NES and SNES legacy games and may have been played before in the past; but hey they’re free and some of the best titles from Nintendo. Beside that, for those who haven’t played these games before, you’ll be in for a real treat. Let’s see how you survive games before map HUDs, in game tips, and infinite continues you young whippersnappers (mwa ha ha).