Happy Software Freedom Day…

Or would have been if I set this event property from last year so instead its:



 Happy Belated Software Freedom Day!




That’s right people, no matter what the actual day of it is, it is a day that celebrates the free use of free (and Open Source) technology in our everyday lives. Whether its emails we send each other, or youtube that entertains us for hours on end, or even the countless apps on our phones and computers that we use for utility or farts – all (more or less with the apps) and more are free and there’s no doubt about  how they’ve change our techno culture. Even gaming has been free in the form of demos for upcoming titles: I remember playing the demo disk of Legend of Legaia so much that the packaging sleeve was shredded wheat after long (ah memories). While disc based demos are a thing of the past (everything’s DLCs now) demos still live on to entice the average player – even if the full games are not so hot when they come out. So on this day (or  if you did it yesterday then never mind) write to your favorite provider of free content and say: “Hey! Thanks for changing the world for the better. Happy BSFD!”  or go on a message board and start a flame war on how ‘X’ free software kicks and some lesser software blows.” Of course if that’s too much work then just play/watch/use that free software all day. After all, patriotism can take many forms.