This just in (or not) – John Cena and Ms. Piggy go at it in the ring!


Ok swabbies, I wasn’t quite sure how t’ put this latest bit o’ news so I’m goin’ t’ say ‘t flat ou’: Th’ Muppets be comin’ t’ WWE Raw. Now Raw be nay stranger t’ non-wrestlin’ stars showin’ up as an guest or guest ‘General Manager’ on the’r show once in th’ while; Bob Barker, Ben Roethlisberger, Snoop Dogg, Floyd Mayweather Jr, an’ more would interact wi’ th’ wrestlers, th’ fans an’ pitch whaterecause or product they support in th’ squared circle. They kept things interestin’ yet reasonable within th’ reality o’ th’ show. Howerewith th’ Muppets, I fear they’ll push me willin’ suspension o’ disbelief a wee too far – e’en fer a wrestlin’ fan such as myself. Arrr, so, aye they’re goin’ on th’ show t’ most likely t’ promote the’r upcomin’ movie (Th’ Muppets); an’ aye they’re showin’ up on th’ most feasible tide possible fer them (Halloween). But seriously swabbies can anythin’ good come from this union o’ spandex an’ felt based puppetry? Aw! Who I’m I kiddin’? This be awesome!

Average Video Gamer #6 – The Fall of Games: Pt.3

Astarboardly, th’ third an’ final in this storyline. Once gamer get his pre-orders homeport, he does what he does best: plays them. Howerethere`s somethin’ t’ be spake about takin’ a break ever’ once in a while. Enjoy!

(By th’ by, Talk like a Pirate Day maybe o’er everywhere else, but th’ Armada keeps ‘t goin’ fer one more tide ARRR!!!)