This just in (or not) – Small, fuzzy, cute, things want to take over the world.


They’re called the Asura, the latest character class highlighted on the upcoming MMO – Guild Wars 2. Small, somewhat adorable, and good with machines (or Eternal Alchemy as the case maybe) a lazy writer would have just set them up as the ‘Gnome’ archetype from WoW. But I’ll give the people at AreaNet credit; making the Asura people as a whole small mad scientists with dreams of grandeurs (why does that sound familiar) who’s only mission is to annihilate their enemies, use their allies, and rule the world put them on the top of my list of races to play as when this game goes live. Find out more about these tiny titans and their motivations at their page, they’re a good read.

This just in (or not) – ‘Gold ATM’ hits the streets, and I don’t just mean the color


Gold, not only a precious metal, its ‘the’ precious metal. Save the bronze for the plumber pipes and silver for the silverware; for when it comes to buying anything and everything anyone could ever want – ever, gold is still golden. So it shouldn’t be a complete surprise that a gold dispensing ATMs exists in the world.  That’s right people, have absolutely no confidence in your dollar, yen, pound, euro, franc, peso, or rupee; then track down one of these golden beauties and slip in your favorite card (credit or debit) and before you’ll know it, you’ll be up to your financial limit in gold bars and coins. Of course there is a limit on how much you can withdraw ($157,000), and the machines aren’t available everywhere (the newest ones were set up in china recently), but hey if you got the time and the money and want to see what you’re worth in gold there’s no time like the present. As for me, I don’t make golden lancer money yet, but once I do and make a quick withdraw – the first thing I’m going to do with my gold is convert it into the gold coins in World of WarCraft and then go spend it. They’ll have to take it, it’s real gold after all. Gamification at work people.