Become a Microhero today!

We did, and so can you!

True Backlash; the One Man Bureaucracy, the Trivia King, and the Armada’s own living database, is a gentleman of many talents. We all know of his listing abilities and his entertaining tribute videos in True Backlash presents; but he is also an artist, a Mircohero artist. Mircoheroes are pixelated version of characters; most people make Mircoheroes out of superheroes (of course) while others create original characters. Our man Backlash, well he does it all. In fact his skills with a digital colorized bit brush are so good; he gets requests constantly to make Mircoheroes for them – and now you can too. Just go to True Backlash’s Deviant Account and work out a deal! His rates are excellent, and you’ll never look better.

This just in (or not) – Taco shells from Taco Bell are made from Doritos (in Cali (in Bakersfield and Fresno))


Like Steven Colbert, I too have an affinity towards the triangle-esque snack chip, Doritos. Not just because they taste good, but they been feeding the gamer population since time immortal (give or take twenty years). Thought I seen it all with the creation of the Doritos: Late Night all-nighter cheeseburger tortilla chips, but they 1-uped themselves by announcing the existence of a Doritos Locos taco – a Taco Bell taco with a Doritos shell. It has been a goal since 2009 with the ‘Taco Shells made from Doritos Movement’; now it is a reality but there is a catch. Only in select states and in select cities are these food stuffs of the heavens can be brought from – right now it’s only available in Bakersfield and Fresno of California. There’s only one proper response to snubbing of this caliber and that is to write in (or at least tweet) to Taco Bell and say bring the Doritos Locos taco to the rest of the world! After all no one really cares about the meat, it the shell trumps all in the world Mexican cuisine.



Update: Wow… What a weird couple of weeks this has been…