This just in (or not) – Japan or bust for 10,000 people

Japan inspired this. Why not go visit for free?


I’m happy to say the country of Japan is recovering from the natural distracters that has befallen it in the past couple months. However none of it has done much for the tourist industry of the little island country. As a result Japan Tourism Agency is planning to send 10,000 people to and from their country all travel expenses paid. There’s a catch however, these people must document their experiences and post it online. Nothing like real live advertising to boost sagging sales, right? As of now nothing’s official, but once things get worked out people can start applying as soon as next spring.

Future Flicks – The Avengers


We all knew it was coming since the first Iron Man movie, now the trailer’s out and its pretty good. It gives us all action shots, few bits of dialog and no insight into the actual story. The only down side is that we got to wait until May 2012 before we can see it on the big screen. Oh well, I got the Super Hero Squad so I can wait it out.