This just in (or not) – It’s the great pumpkin carving contest Charlie Brown.

The is a Pumpkin people, holy crap!


It’s October people, which means many things; it’s the ‘Fall of Games’ here at Armada, it’s also ‘Epictober‘ at G4, New York Comic Con in New York (duh), and a little thing called Halloween everywhere else. Now one great tradition of Halloween is pumpkin carving, where you (or whoever) gut out a pumpkin and carve a face or witch onto it. Well BioWare, always on the ‘cutting edge’ (get it?) of gaming, is hosting their own pumpkin carving contest. The winner would get a gift certificate to the BioWare Store and the option to go paragon or renegade with their bragging rights on their friends. Now there are a few rules like only carving BioWare related images and posting submissions on their twitter page; but all and all easy money for those with the skill, experience, and the love of defacing pumpkins. Now I would go for it myself, but I’m lazy and I rather carver a pumpkin pie than just a pumpkin. So instead here’s some advice for willing contestants; don’t go for Mass Effect or the Old Republic – there’ll be millions already. Instead try something from their older games like Jade Empirethe Black Whirlwind on a pumpkin would be a sure thing because the judges would be too scared to vote nothing but a winner.