Gameroween – Video Game Characters that make good costumes (Day 3)


On this 3rd day of Gameroween the next costume choice might be the ultimate pick: The Spy. Think about it, to get this character down all you need is a suit (we all got one somewhere) and a ski-mask. You’ll automatic get the best dress award in any party you go to. However to really impress any Smarks you know: make some bad cardboard facemasks of people you know, take up smoking, and wear the worst looking hat possible – then trade that hat for two keys and reclaimed metal. Finally if a house doesn’t give you any candy, just cloak pass their defenses and grab the intel—I mean the candy bowl right under their noses while disguise as the family cat. But watch out for Spy check Pyros.




A rare photograph of the Spy, found on in a post looking for CoD Black Opt spy. He didn't get the job... Or was he really applying for one? We'll never know.