Gameroween – Video Game Characters that make good costumes (Day 4)


Ladies. You like Iron Man right? But then you realize Tony Stark is an alcoholic, womanizing, totalitarian, car wreck (spoiler alert). So what’s a girl to do? No worries because I got the costume idea that solves your high powered armor needs: Samus Aran. Raised by bird-like aliens called the Chozo; this intergalactic bounty hunter enjoys long walks down dark corridors, rolling into a ball to set off high explosives, and shooting with beams, missiles, paralyzer bolts first then asking question later. She’s iconially known for her impressive power armor which only gets better game after game; underneath the hood however as an equally impressive young woman proving for 25 years that girls do play games. So ladies have some options towards you: you can equip yourselves in the Varia Suit or use the Zero Suit variant. Whatever you choose you’ll  T.C.B. and look good doing it.





Grav suit Samus to the left was created by Pixelninja (Jenni Källberg), while the Zero Suit Samus on the right was created by Deborah Filippo.