Gameroween – Video Game Characters that make good costumes (Day 10)


Halloween is more than just monster and superhero costumes, it’s also about robots costumes. That’s right, whether it’s the weapons out of nowhere, transforming into vehicles or secretly plotting to destroy all mankind; automatons go together with any Halloween function. Even within the cold perfect logic of machines, there is an oppressed minority – Cyborgs. Not human anymore, but too human to be a robots, cyborgs live a sad existence alone without a joy in the world. Yeah, no they don’t. They live an awesome life of excitement, action, super mechanized fists; but at the same time still enjoy the finer things in life. R.A.X. (Robotic Artificial Exoskeleton) Coswell from Eternal Champions is today’s choice. He’s was a skilled kickboxer in 2345 but when people wanted to see machine on machine violence he decided to get auged up. After that he was dropping opponents left and right, what finally took him out was a greedy promoter and a virus program. Don’t worry he’s currently fighting in the Eternal Champion tournament, with any luck he’ll be back. Until then, just wrap yourself in tin foil and represent.