Gameroween – Video Game Characters that make good costumes (Day 14)


It’s almost here people, so close I can taste the sweet, sweet, candy right now. Day 14 and my next suggestion goes old school; giving proper respect for the legacy Halloween icons of the old – Flemeth the Witch of the Wilds. She an ally, enemy, manipulator, shape shifter, and unknown element in the Dragon Age series of games. Truly knowing more than she ever lets on Flemeth is one of the most power beings on Thedas – yet she’s not above using players to do what she cannot (and they never even know it). You can kill her and she will only come back in the next game, so Flemeth as a costume choice is more than obvious. Choosing Flemeth is also pretty easy because as a shape shifter any form will do. You can wear a bath robe and fuzzy slippers and if anyone asks you can say: ‘I’m Flemeth’ and no one will question it. Best of all since Kate Mulgrew does the voice of Flemeth; you ladies can bring out that Star fleet uniform out of mothballs, put it on, and if anyone asks, you say: ‘I’m Flemeth who’s shaped shifted into Captain Janeway’ and again no one will question it – trust me.




Flemeth costume - created by AmazonMandy, photos by Jlinto, TheDreamerWorld and her friend Lisa. I would say something funny here but she'll probably turn me into a toad or something soooo. No.