This Just In (Or not) – Dust 514 vehicles & customization, no license required.


Just fresh after the Beta Weekend from Star Wars: The Old Republic, Dust 514 (the best MMOFPS not out yet) just released more information on the game: this time about vehicles. These ain’t just stock tanks people, players can customize any vehicle with the use of modules. They can tool up weapons, abilities, overall performance to the players satisfaction and that’s just the beginning – read on.



The top three things Armada is thankful for this year

And that's why we eat turkey, cause they're jerks



Well its Thanksgiving here is the states where we enjoy a giant meal and be thankful for the blessings we got whether big and small – Armada’s no different. We got a lot to be thankful for really, it has been a very interesting year; so even though we’re going to be with our families we’re still Armada and here’s the top three things Armada is thankful for 2011.




3. Video Games



As True Backlash would say: “This is a big duh and a quarter”.  This site is called ‘Video Game Armada’ because we like video games a lot (well at least I do). There has always been something about them that was different from any other entertainment media in the world. They have the potential to have a story as epic as any novel, music as memorable as any symphony, cost as much as any movie to produce, be shown at home like any TV show, be as portable as any media player, and now use the internet as well as any computer. Video games are individual experiences from one game to the next, range from guilt free fun to truly educational. So in short Video Games are f’n awesome and they only get better from here.




2. Original internet media



Let’s face it, modern TV sucks… I mean it, I used to watch TV all the time and no matter what was on it was worth watching. Now all the good shows are either canceled (The Cape R.I.P.) or don’t exist. However there is an oasis of hope people – the internet. Everyone and their mama knows the entertainment valve of YouTube, but that’s just the start. There are various abridging series, homemade shows, and even podcasts that blow anything with a Kardashian in it out of the water. Seriously Tuesday nights are usually the best night for viewing and if want to laugh for booty off try ‘Z! True Long Island Story’. Thank you O.I.M. without you all our console would have been worn out this year.



1.  You



It’s cliché but its true, thanks to all the Armadaites out there Video Game Armada is more popular than ever! After all what’s an site devoted to the most awesome (and other) things in the world without people reading or watching? A sad exercise in failure that’s what, so from all of us here at Armada (or somewhere at this moment ) thank you. And as an added bonus we have a nice December issue of Game Informer to give away to one loyal site goer. The first person to shoot us with an email (at with the phrase: “Winner, winner; chicken dinner” along with a mailing address will get the mag with our blessings. Once again thank you all for your views and have an excellent Thanksgiving.



A free gaming mag just waiting for a home

WTF/FTW – Chuck Norris + World of WarCraft = Duh, Winning!

Sure it’s only a commercial, and yes he’s doing things not possible in the game (yet), but dang it –it’s Chuck Norris!




Product Placement – Triple Steak Stack


It was on Hiatus but its back, the Product Placement review. Today’s review is not only good but it was unexpected – it is the Triple Steak Stack. For those who don’t know the TSS is the latest super meal from Taco Bell; now before you wave it off and say its fake food this bad boy is contains 100% USDA  grilled steak. So, you say, it’s real food, so what? Is it good? Well I already said it was, now let’s see how good.




The Look: First of all, this monster isn’t wrapped in the standard ‘Taco Bell’ wrapping paper. It’s actually cover in tin foil-like paper, like real food (I’ll stop, I promise)! Steam pops out as I unwrapped it, yeah it’s pretty hot. The look of the TSS it’s a combination of a flatbread sandwich and condensed sub. The meat is not visible but only a few places on the edges and the cheese had oozed out and is stuck to the paper. Pretty standard, now the taste —


The Taste: OH, MY, SANDVICH!!! This is probably the best thing I’ve eaten at taco bell! Seriously! Unbelievable! I never thought — Got dang! So many wasted years eating crap! *sob*


The After effect: Ah! Gone but not forgotten… And check this out, I gave Blu some to taste, she actually when out to get her own! That, like, never happens people! Blu often turn’s her nose at my 3x meat food stuffs from fast food joints but this time she ate it up – literacy. Needless to say we enjoyed it immensely.






The Verdict



The Triple Steak Stack is a delicious master piece of meat & cheese, period. It’s cost $7.00 plus tax and it’s worth every cent of it. If you have nothing for dinner, in the mood for steak and  just got paid by all means get this sandwich. I try to be fair here people, but the only good thing Taco Bell ever had was the Baja Blast (look it up), now they have the Triple Steak Stack which not only is a fast food contender, but could possibly be the champ.



You didn’t hear this from me, but! – Modern Warfare 3 may be able to glitch up Xbox live Gamertags



Ok, this will be a first for Armada, so I had to create a new segment to christen it. It’s called ‘You didn’t hear this from me, but!’ where we find out some of the most unconfirmed rumors that is also important enough to post. Basic rumors (like another Batman: Arkham sequel) won’t make it here, only the most juicy, starting with this – Activision’s Modern Warfare 3 might cause Xbox live gold account Gamertags to malfunction. How do we know? It happen to us, well me actually. I got up, ate breakfast, and I wanted to start my day by causing lot rage quits online with MW3; but to my dismay my 360 would not log on to live. So I figured: “I missed a payment” or “My cards are out of date” or my personal favorite “Who knocked out my Ethernet cable?” you know, the usually stuff. Well taking a few minutes out to check things, I discovered everything was current, paid-up, and plugged in – so was a software issue. I called the Xbox live support and after double checking my connection between the console and the internet (which was fine) she told me to recover my Gamertag at the My Xbox Sign in area. When I asked why and mentioned I just played MW3 yesterday with no problems, she said she didn’t know why but the Activision’s servers ‘may’ be causing the Gamertag hiccups when they’re playing MW3.


She also told me that I wasn’t the first person with this problem, three other people called her with similar issues to mine who were playing… You guessed it, MW3 beforehand. Fortunately the ‘recover gamerag’ option did set things right so if anyone has this problem, where you can’t log in to Xbox live despite the fact everything’s current, paid-up, and plugged in – try that. As for the rest of this, like I said before this is just a rumor I heard in pasting and what happen to me (and at least three others) may have been an isolated incident, but I did find all this stuff interesting, and I hope you all did to.



This just in (Or not) – Star Wars: The Old Republic massive stress test available to all! *

*  = If you signed up for beta testing at their website before November 11th, but don’t worry there’s still hope.


This quote was provided by Polstar at the forums, summing up the situation nicely.



Yes! As the swtor release date comes closers, the people at BioWare want to make sure that their little WoW killer (yes, I’m calling it) can handle anything (and when I mean anything I mean people) so to that effect they are allowing any and all players who signed up for beta testing (years ago I imagine) to participate in a massive stress test that will coming up soon. This news should make quite a few of you happy out there. However what about the people who never signed up (really?) or just joined the old republic band wagon between the 11th and now – are they out of luck? Nope. Those people can follow the game site links BioWare has provided, through their promotions more stress test access with be allowed. Finally we can all experience what we were awaiting for all this time; will it be a dream come true, or a nightmare – see you online.



Game Review: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – The number one rage quit game in the world


Its veteran’s day here in the states and I’m going to dedicate this game review to all the men and women in peacekeeping fighting forces out there, because they keep the world from descending into a massive global conflict that has engulfed today’s game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. After all when the stuff hits the fan who do we send to take of it – soldiers that who, so show some love.




Game Info



Not to sound like a jerk here but no one really plays this game for the single player story – it shows in the writing. I’m have a hard time piecing together the overall plot here; but basically this game continues from the first two games in the series (Modern Warfare & MW2) where players takes the roles of many different American soldiers and specialists who are fight against the Russians who thought America was the cause of terrorist activity in Russia. All the while discovering the plot that really caused the war and dealing with the traitor. Now in MW3 players must do what they can to defend the country and stop the madness once and for all.


Now the Modern Warfare series is like the Battlefield series if the battlefield series was fast paced, intense, and brought more to the table then highly killable vehicles (sorry Battlefield). A military shooter to end all military shooters you have the option to play three modes: Campaign, Spec Opts and (of course) Multiplayer. In Campaign you will take part in the future war and the current storyline in the Warfare universe. In Spec Opts you challenge yourself (or with another player) in different opts and situations – you’ll be rated on your performance afterward. And finally multiplayer where you take your soldiering skills online and see who’s the top dog in Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and other classic pvp modes. Players get armed with the latest and greatest military hardware in the form of assault rifles, shotguns, submachine guns, LMG, snipers, everyone’s favorite the Riot shield, and more. You also gain access to the unique and impressive support from time to time; it can be as simple UAV radar or as fearsome as AC-130 overhead. In single player who gain access to these items and abilities as the situation demands; with Spec Opts and Multiplayer to earn them as you level up.



 The Goods


Multiplayer: This is obvious, they improve upon the killstreak system (now called Strike Chains & Strike Packages) so where it fits any kind of player. The kill dominators of games past, the strategic players who improve their team’s survivability, or go all Rambo and get stronger the more you kill. Perks and attachments also return, although some of your favorites may have not made the cut. In their instead the new weapon proficiencies, grenades, and tactical gear are available to further customize you’re playing experience.


Fluid Look: The Modern Warfare series always had a dynamic ‘alive’ look about it. Whether you’re rushing down a street full of gunfire, mortars, and enemies or shooting the breeze with a fellow solider; it’s always captivating to see. Especially with an HDMI hook up.


Survivor Mode: Within Spec Opts there is survivor mode, basically it’s a horde mode with you and one other player. The two players must survive wave after wave of enemies wanting to annihilate them; after each wave (and according to your level) you can purchase new weapons, air support, and explosives for the next. You would think with two less people the action would be slower but it very, very, intense at later waves. From attack dogs to AH-1 Cobra Survivor ain’t for the faint of heart.



The Bad


Campaign Mode: What is with military shooters and some lack of genuine single player story mode. The best one I’ve ever played was Battlefield: Bad Company, even then they ruin the characters in the sequel (bah). MW3 is no different, half the time I don’t understand what’s going on or why I should care. But hey at least they give me plenty of things to shoot.


Assault Rifle & Grenade Porn (Multiplayer): The multiplayer in the Modern Warfare series has (more than once) redefined the basic competitive console FPS. Killstreaks (or whatever), high gear fire fights, the use of actual tactics depending on the map layout, etc – all good stuff. However this system is not perfect for there is two things you need to dominate multiplayer: assault rifle & grenades. All the other weapons, gear, even strike packages have strengths and weaknesses – assault rifles & grenades have none. Assault rifles have near unlimited range, incredible stopping power, 1 sec reloading times (more or less), accurate as hades, and can attach a grenade launcher on it. As for the grenades (the ones you carry), they’re death in ball form, they can take you out without much effort. Players don’t have to be accurate with them, just close, and this includes flash and stun grenades as well (they can kill or cause to be killed from them). Working in tandem, any lucky jobber can just rack up the kill with very little effort. In the smaller maps, players chuck ‘nades in the air hoping for quick (and cheap) kills. All this reminds me of the OP shotguns of Gears of War fame – and you all know how I feel about that.






At the end of the day, this game is a perfect sequel to MW2; it gives a continuing story, new modes, new maps, new weapons, new abilities, new items, new ways for 13-year olds to humiliate guys like me online, and so long. However it doesn’t break new ground, not really. Everything done here has been done before in previous games in the CoD line, just rehashed. That might seem trite to some of you, but if there’s anything Batman: Arkham City has taught me is that no matter how good your previous game was – you can always top it, if you put in the work. Right now Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 shatters game sales records making over $400 million in the last few days, however there are rumbling on the net. Gamers claiming that this game is the same as their previous hits and they could be right; they’re next game must do something radically unique otherwise they’ll lose virtual battle & the war.

This just in (Or not) – Dew does double xp


Well people everywhere in about four hours EST will lose their minds, 16 to 32 years old will call off their jobs because they developed a sudden case of Modern Warfareitis, and caffeine will be the meal of choice until Thanksgiving. That’s right Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will be out tomorrow midnight; I hope the world will be ready because gamers will be. Many players have been doing research on the new perks, strike chains (they replaced killstreaks), and the rest. But they have also been consuming a great deal of Mountain Dew or Mtn Dew because of the Double XP promotion. Basically you drink down specialty marked Mtn Dews, take the code from the caps, input them at, then once you have your game sync them up to your gamer tag (or whatever) and for a certain amount of time the XP you gain on multiplayer will be doubled. An unfair advantage, maybe, but this is war people not a tea party. Each code only offers 15 minutes of DXP power, so if you want to make the most of the battlefield get to a store and start hording before it’s too late – come on, you weren’t going to sleep anyway.



Armada-pedia Update – f00b

Hey, hey, hey people I got a new Armada-pedia word today. Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days but I’ve been playing DC Universe Online since it went Free to Play (F2P); if it didn’t glitch up, shut down, and make me wait to play – it would be an excellent game. However it is thanks to this game that heard a new word being born: f00b. Check it out.

This Just in (or not) – Grand Theft Auto V trailer premiers


Forget this nonsense rivality between Battlefield 3 and Modern Combat 3, the real turf war begins today. Saint’s Row: The Third comes out in a couple of weeks and let’s face it -they been doing all they can to show gamers out there that GTA is old hat, boring, and not the defining open world game it use to be. Not to be outdone by purple upstarts Rockstar games is releasing the trailer to GTA V riiiiight now! So ladies and gentleman, let the games begin.