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Well people Chirstmas has come and gone. While the presents have been opened for a full day, the playing has just begun. Above is what santa brought me and my family and I’m sure everyone of our viewers have gotten a excellent haul themselves. So to that effect this will be the last post until 2012 so we can all enjoy our toys and come back with renewed goodness. And with that all, see you next year – and have fun.



Trailer-Rama: High action movies of 2012



Hey all, Christmas is almost here, yay! While I’m waiting for Santa to show up, I figured I do something productive and get people excited for the new year. How? By showing what kind awesome, balls to the wall movies we can look forward to. You think ‘the Avengers‘ are going to be some thing, check these out:











Game Review: Star Wars: The Old Republic – Endgame


It’s finally here ladies and gentlemen; after two and a half years of planning, prepping, dreaming, trailers, fan-fridays, forum flame wars, alphas, betas & early launches – Star Wars: The Old Republic is finally a reality. Now people I’ll own up to my mistakes, when I heard they were going to take the Old Republic series of Star Wars to the MMO field I was both worried and disappointed. In MMOs it’s easy to get lost in the ‘Massive’ part of the games; a player is reduced to a number on a server tally. Don’t get wrong I love MMORPGs but turning a series that prior focused on how the player’s actions could very well change the  universe into a game that is static and constant for the sake of multiple players was disheartening. Until I saw the first trailer – at that moment all my worries melted away. So were my worries unfounded, were they able to do the impossible and make an MMO like a single player game and make the player feel like they actually doing something other than grinding 10 rats for a leather shield?  Read on my friends, read on.



Game Info



The setting of this game is a long time ago (ether 200, 2000 or 4000 years before the Star Wars films – I’m not sure) in a galaxy far far away. Before there was an evil empire and the renegade rebellion; there was a separate, but still very evil, empire and the old republic. From here players will have to decide what side to stand on, what race to represent and of course which class to choose from. Once you tool up your avatar and start your game, that’s when the fun really begins. First you get treated to your own Star Wars narration crawl (the words at the beginning of every Star Wars anything), then a cutscene with your character in it interacting with the environment and people – fully voiced – in a MMO! Which until now, was unheard of for this type of game genre. But wait, there’s more! Players aren’t confined to being silent gofers for various quest givers out there, oh no, if you want to tell that little old lady off for losing her various dangerous items to the planet’s biggest mob, you go right ahead. Then ‘if’ you choose to help her, you can force her to give you more money otherwise you’ll use the various dangerous items on her, and it will work (mileage may vary)! Choosing how you’ll interact with these people will determine your character overall and their story, and yes I said ‘their’ story. Each of the eight classes has their own unique storyline to which players have an almost infinite way of affecting it. Oh sure it starts pretty standard: kill this, get that, you know the MMO drill. But then around level 8 something wonderful happens, they make your character part of something bigger. I can’t give you all any details, but sufficed to say with the name BioWare, not only will it will take you there, but it will make you want to see it through til the end.


Star Wars: The Old Republic is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. Which means this is a game that still keeps going even after a player logs off for the evening. It also means that this is a very large game, so large in fact you would have to combine four single player RPGs to equal the content in a MMO. Players start (as they always do) humbly but must fight and complete ‘quests’ to become a force to be reconed with. Quests in Swtor are ones following your storyline or quests given by random people at different locations. Most can be completed by yourself but ‘heroic’ quests are tougher nuts to crack and require help from other players. Finally there are ‘Flashpoints’ which are special quests that requires four players to complete; they’re tough and tricky but I swear you’ll always feel epic completing one – plus the rewards are pretty B.A. too. Of course if crushing the heads of computerized enemies does nothing for you then go PvP and finally answer the age old question: are hooky religions and ancient weapons a match for a good blaster by your side?



The Goods:



Character class stories: By far the best thing about the game. Again I can’t reveal much about this fact here, but BioWare has an excellent track record for storytelling with their games and continue that proud tradition in Swtor. There are eight character classes in the game; each and every one of their stories are different from each other but they are all good. Ok, I’ll say this; I thought the imperial agent was going to be a lame duck class with nothing to bring to the table. During the beta I played him just to sate my morbid curiosity: I’ve couldn’t been more wrong. The character was fun to play and the story was downright intriguing, I seriously wanted to know more, but the beta ended. Now that the game’s out I can continue the Agent’s story as well as many others. Trust me, my words can’t property describe how awesome these stories are or how much I’m enjoying every one of them.


Improve combat: Tank, DPS (damage per second – damage dealer), and Healer. The holy trinity, as they call it, of all MMOs. In order to be truly successful in any MMO group you need at least one of each; otherwise the group will be decimated. Swtor makes being one of these roles a much easier thing to do thanks to ‘advance classes’; they add a little flexibility for players not be confined to a ‘role’. For example, my advance classes is DPS but also has healing skill, so I can field both spots well. Even if I further specialize in DPS or heal, the other skills won’t suffer. Though I won’t be as good as a healer if I choose to focus on damage dealing compared to someone who focused on healing. Also in general fighting enemies can range from fun times to a challenging test to skill without seeming redundant or mocking players intelligences. Finally no matter if you like lightsabers, blaster pistols, autocannons, or sniper rifles, every form of combat is respected here and no one weapon of war has an advantage. Well played again BioWare.


Spaceship combat: Forget all those nay sayers whose said rail flight combat was lame – it’s not. It’s simple to learn, tough to master ride through space and time where it takes razor sharp skills to survive. Like on planet side you’ll be given missions to accomplish; whether that protecting a transport ship of valuable goodies, or destroying a space station (stay on target), they’ll keep you busy all over the galaxy. Prove your flying prowess and get special rewards, heck you might even get a crack at the Kessel Run – the current record is 12 parsecs.


Companions: Another thing I was bummed about when they decided to make Kotor an MMO and that’s no more sidekicks. Delving into my allies psyche and finding out what makes them tick was a great amount of enjoyment to me; while others were less complex (Ah, HK-47, I could watch you kill meatbags all day). My point is, there was no way we could get that same ‘mechanic’ in a MMO – wrong again. BioWare has expertly crafted five different companions for each of the eight character classes in the game. Each companion is their own person, with their reason for fighting for you, and their opinions on the situations you’ll throw them in. By your actions they can either become your best friends or see you as a monster – whatever route you choose to take remember there is ‘no’ going back in a MMO so be careful.



The Bad:


Misc: I could not find one thing genuinely wrong with this game in a single area, but rather in spots like animation hiccups, quest bugs, and the like. But most MMOs have this problem in the beginning, give it a couple of months to update and patch out and game will be flawless.





What can I say that I haven’t said already? Star Wars: The Old Republic is everything I hoped it could be and more. It is a MMORPG that will now set the standard in the realm of storytelling, design, characters, music, combat and anything else you can think of. Each world future players will visit holds more secrets than I’ve had time to experience in this short time – and just when you think you’re out they pull you back in. The Old Republic will not disappoint any fans of sci-fi, MMOs or a combination of the two. It will make you believe dreams can come true, it will make you see endless gaming potential, and most of all, it will show you that the one, true, WoW killer has finally come…

(So what’s a gamer obsessive going to do now that the game of his dreams came out? Find the next big time, groundbreaking, MMO to latch on to. Guild Wars 2 people, it’s going to be big.)

Game Preview – Clouds over a Fortnite


Ok people, now you know me, I’ll do almost anything to push the gaming agenda – at the same time I have my standards. The Video Game Awards (on Spike TV – and in no f*n way is affiliated with the Video Game Armada) have no such standards; every year it’s the same boring, nonsensical, placating, totality out of left field show its always been. True Backlash said it best: “It’s more like video game dinner theater than an award show.”  But my duties as the one true Omnigamer demanded I watch it, whether I liked it or not (and I didn’t). It would have been a complete waste of time if not for Cliff Bleszinski, from Epic Games, announcing a new colorful title about surviving some sort of zombie based doom using the environment. It’s called Fortnite.  And other than the fact it will be devoid of hulking commando types (a la Gears of War), there’s really isn’t any information on it. But worry not, the Armada is on it, once we find out something we’ll let you all know. Til then, stay tuned…






In other news.


The Xbox 360 had another system update, no biggie right? Well the format now looks like the Window Phone 7 if that matters to you; but the big thing is that now Xbox live gold players can store their game saves on ‘the cloud’ storage up to 512mb. Now ‘the cloud’ storage is a convenient way of taking game saves to other Xbox 360 consoles you can sign on to without the need of taking memory sticks and hard drives everywhere you go. Neat, but 512mb is not a lot of space all things considered and the whole cloud storage thing may not translate well to the next system rotation (we’ll due for one soon), so use this in good judgement.




WTF/FTW – When one Siri talks to another

Before HAL 9000, there was Siri


Ok, quick back story, iPhone 4s is the latest cloned super phone from apple. It’s pretty much the same iPhone you’ve always had since one; except  for better tech and the ability to talk to it to enact certain functions likes memos, web-searcheres, and the like. This function is called ‘Siri’, well one you tuber wanted to find out what would happen if one Siri talked to another, this is the result:




It’s all fun and games until they form Skynet




Character Quote – Skyrim guards


Ok, I get, you got shot! Now turn around while I pick this lock.

Ok people… This, this is insane; I’m serious, this one quote has been picked and ran with all over the internet. Why? I don’t know. That’s why the world is so wacky; one minute you’re saying something or doing something, person records it, then the next moment you enjoy a mediocratic rise of web fame for a few a month then disappear back into the obscurity (ITJB). In this case, a quote from the latest console juggernaut: Skyrim. Basically whenever a player character enters any town or city with guards in it they will eventually say: ‘I used to be an adventurer just like you, but then I took an arrow in the knee‘. Some gamers theorized that all the guards say this because the naïve warriors of Skyrim don’t use knee guards in their armors; so they in turn take lot punishment to the knee to the point where they are forced to retire to a guard position. Others think is sloppy programing. Well whatever the reason it’s today’s quote of the day, not because we think it’s a really funny or profound, only because it’s popular with the kids today. After all one of Armada’s many mottos is ‘Joining band wagon’s since 2008’.

Bonus – Just because we care!








Armadarazzi – Beer Battered Highway

True Backlash usually gives the Armada some interesting articles to write about, but this time during his travels he has provided some photos. Guess what? If you like Miller beer you’re in luck because a whole truck of it is giving it out for free! What’s the catch? Well when I say ‘giving it out for free’ what I really mean is that ‘the truck spilled out dozens of cases of beer on to street’. So if you’re close to this area and don’t mind the odd gravel bit or sharp piece of glass then have at it – at least it will be cold.



Thanks to this truck the streets are truely paved in gold... colored alcohol.



99 boxes of beer crushed to the ground, 99 boxes of beer. Take one home, before anyone sees, 98 boxes of beer crushed to the ground...


Here’s Homer Simpson reaction to the incident.




Game Preview – Dead or Alive 5 details, the fighting onslaught continues on!


You know people: I like to shoot things, I like to cast enchanted fire, I like to open world explore all the live long day, heck I still ‘gotta catch them all’ every once in a while; but there’s a simple simplicity is fighting games. Just two warriors of spirit, two health bars, and one minute (usually) to prove which one is better. The fighting game genre was all the rage (figuratively and literary) back in the 90’s but dropped out of favor in recent times – until Street Fighter IV showed  everyone what time it was. Since then some the classic fighting titles have returned to their former glory like Mortal Kombat or the Vs. series; now one more joins the band wagon – Dead or Alive 5. While information is still scarce on this new game (going to the official website doesn’t help yet, all you get is this), the general consensus is that it will be out on 2012. Also what shook from the pipes is that for V they wanted a fighter that everyone could enjoy and not just create another ‘technical hardcore fighter’ title. Finally the most interesting bit is that DoA 5 will include “dynamic attraction” & “power blow” features where players can cause significant damage to one another if they get nailed (using power blows most likely) on a certain parts of stages. Once that happens the dynamic attraction will activate, which is a combination of a super move and a quick time event. If you use the correct attack or defend yourself wisely players can gain the upper hand and not get hit with a car (I’m serious, look at the video on the bottom). While some may call this new stuff ‘gimmicks’ I say it only adds to the challenge of the fight – those who can’t adapt should say out of the ring. Oh yeah, this is one to keep an eye out for: stay tuned.






Game Preview – New Skullgirls character: Valentine


Man! I can’t believe that the year is almost over! I still can’t believe ‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’ is only few weeks away (**** yeah!!!). A new year means fresh new games for gamers, and 2012 is going to be an interesting year indeed. Now I’ve been giving Skullgirls a lot of attention because it could be the next big thing in innovation and fighting game; two words that don’t usually go together. Doubt me? Check their latest character Valentine, an former spec opt medic whose version of bed side manner involves a lot pain and no complaining from the vict – I mean, the patient.  Yeah, remember Painwheel, the last character premiered for Skullgirls, the girl who’s been turned into walking engine of destruction but at the same time mutilated to a point that every moment she lives is a struggle not to succumb to the endless pain nor the multiple voices in her head – yeah Valentine did that to her. So don’t let the ‘hello nurse’ get up fool you, she’ll mess you up before, during, and after the fight.






In other news!


We have a winner for the free Game Informer giveaway: ‘Big M’ of Pennsylvania, I hope you enjoy it my friend because we enjoy you and all our Armada readers/viewers out there. Stay tune for more brib- I mean, prize giveaways.



This just in (Or not) – Gearbox Software is looking for a live lady to play as Lilith for Borderlands 2

Who could be the next top Borderlands Character? It could be you!


Hey cosplaying chicks; we all know you’re talented, skilled with needlework, and easy on the eyes. But do you have what it takes to go pro? Now’s your chance to prove it; Gearbox Software, of (not only but including) Borderland’s fame, is looking for one committed lady to play as Lilith, the psychedelic Siren, is their upcoming sequel Borderlands 2. This role of a lifetime will also take the lucky chosen one to trade shows and events all across the world. Now this isn’t a contest people, this is an offer of an actually paying position, so if there was a time to break out the good silks, linens, and all that: now is the time. And I mean that because online application submissions for the position will end tomorrow (December 3)! Don’t worry, if you got the time (and a car) you can join their open casting call on the 7th and strut your stuff there. I would try out for the role myself, but I’m wrong height, weight, hair color, eye color, skin color, gender, and of course motivation; but for the rest of you who actually have a shot here’s the link with the details – good luck!