Games & Gear of 2012 – Soul Calibur V (1/31/2012)

It’s January, so you know what that means, a brand spanking new list of the upcoming games for 2012.  Now this year I’m going to do a few things differently, first off under the advisement of Blu I’m not going to ‘list spam’ the whole thing in this one post. Instead I’m going to put one game a day for the sake of convenience (both yours and mine). Also my current list now was much bigger before but the powers that be removed the release dates for over half the list; so to that effect I’ll update and add those games back once they do have those dates. So with no further ado: Soul Calibur V



What can I say about this series that no half way decent gamer doesn’t already know? Two swords of ultimate power exist: Soul Calibur (the good sword) and Soul Edge (the bad sword). Throughout history men and women have fought countless battles and wars for these weapons. Usually one psycho gets the Soul Edge and a hero gets the Soul Calibur and uses it to stop the Soul Edge from destroying the world – or whatever. Five doesn’t deviate from the story arc as its set 15 years after IV, where the sword hunters return to repeat the cycle all over again. Don’t let the familiarity fool you, along with new characters, beautiful stages, the return of character creation, and  “Brave Edge” / “Critical Edge” attacks – the only thing you won’t say about five it that its boring.




What Santa brought me (Product Placement) – X-treme Geek USB Fridge


Hey, hey, hey all. It’s me Boss Bronze; I’m back and finally on the mend. But you didn’t come here for me to recant my stories of sickness and snotty rags (and if you did: wow, really?). No, you came here to see new posts for the New Year, and what better way to get started by bragging about the awesome things I got for Christmas – in post form. I know it’s a blatant ego stroke but hey at least if you didn’t get the best gifts this year and wanted to know what to exchange them for; now you’ll have an idea. Thus we begin with the ‘X-treme Geek USB Fridge’ by



The Look: It looks like a red and white 1950’s style refrigerator – except made of plastic, has a Type A USB cord on the back, and is only five inches tall. Inside there is a small flat plate that is white when not plugged in and blue when it is. Also a small blub that is also blue when power is connected. On the bottom are small fan vents, which is oblivious on what that’s supposed to do. Finally the box the item came in is nothing to write home to mama about, mostly blue with very boring fonts on it.



The Operation: Basically you put in your standard can of favorite drink, plug it in a USB port (which should be available on any computer today really), wait about an hour (or an hour and a half for good measure), remove the beverage from the fridge, open and enjoy.






The Result: Put in a room temperature can of liquid, take out a mostly cold can of enjoyment. Now granted the bottom of the can will definitely be colder because the bottom plate inside of the fridge does the actual cooling; but rest assured the whole thing will not be that same warm mess you put in an hour before.




The Verdict



The X-treme Geek USB Fridge is a small but satisfying way of not only cooling your cans, but (and most importantly) prove how much of a techie geek you are. Seriously most drinks you buy are usually pretty cold when you get them, can easily be cooled in a normal sized ice box, and of course most personal drinks come in plastic bottles now which makes them too big to fit in the thing anyway. However the look on people’s faces when they stop by your desk (or whatever), and see your fridge there thinking it’s a paper weight (or whatever), then you pull out a nice frosty can out the thing and start drinking it (or you give it to them – obviously shocked by the cold item in their hands right now), is worth the price amount on the tag (which is easy for me to say because I didn’t pay for this).