Game & Gear of 2012 – Syndicate (2/21/12)


Hey, hey, hey people. Sorry we didn’t post yesterday but unfortunately my splitter decided to  die and thanks to a very convoluted network set up at the main hub here internet access was limited. But we have a temporary fix now so the madness can continue on – with Syndicate. Now being a console player back in the 90’s  I didn’t have a chance to play the original Syndicate top down strategy game on the PC; but that’s not going to be a problem in a month’s time because the fine people at EA and Starbreeze are remaking the IP into a first person shooter for all non-wii home consoles. Based in the future where the whole world is run by corporations (real stretch of the imagination there right?), players take control of ‘Eurocorp’ most elite agent. Through the use of high action gun play and cybernetic implants your carry out Eurocorp wishes by keeping them on top of the financial market and in return you become more powerful. Four players can even work together to achieve greater success by doing more challenging missions. If this smacks of Deus Ex with a little Brink on the side, well your right, but I’m not complaining – just look at this freaking game. I’m I the only one who thinks the Tron remake should have been like this?