Games & Gear of 2012 – Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (5/22/2012)



Modern Warfare 3 – check


Battlefield 3 – check-a-roo


So the only other military shooter on the radar to address has always been Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. This bad boy was supposed to be out last year (update: & March this year) but better late than never. To recap: players take the role of leader of the Ghosts who are a special elite taskforce that takedown or secure high valve targets.  Each ghost has their own special skill like long distance sniping, demolitions, and recon. Using tactics and advanced tech you must achieve victory by any means necessary, failure will only throw the world into chaos and you into a coffin. But hey it’s not all that serious, who can step away from the single player and enjoy some multiplayer action – which I must admit is looking pretty good right now.




What Santa brought me (Product Placement) – Zack Ryder Baseball cap



Ok broskis the next Christmas gift we got is a bit more practical but still smacks of awesomeness – the Zack Ryder Baseball cap. Now a little backstory; Zack Ryder is a wrestler for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) but he was under rated and destined for obscurity – that is until he used the power of the internet to change is fortunes. I’m serious, he’s been doing a once a week show on youtube that has gained a following so massive that it propelled him to stardom in the organization (and the show is not even a year old yet!). As such all sorts of new merch has been created and I have one of the newest ones; but is it worth the extra Christmas rush pricing?



The Look: The colors are black, orange, and purple – a scheme that usually reserved for Pimp M.O.D.O.K. For the hat however it works, on the front is a funky jagged Z with a jagged spike through the middle. On the back has one simple yet proud statement: Broski. The ‘O’ on the word is shaped like a diamond with the Z spike inside of it as well.


The Operation: You apply directly to the top part of head.


The Result: It protects your eyes from the sun, keeps your head moderately warm and as an added bonus – looks cool.





The Verdict



This hat makes proud to be a Broski! It’s unique but not the eye catcher you would expect. Comfortable and has a nice embedded rim all the way around, no need to play around with the size tabs on the back. Finally it’s just a good gift; I would have been satiated with an Antonio Spurs cap but this much better.