What Santa brought me (Product Placement) – Zack Ryder Baseball cap



Ok broskis the next Christmas gift we got is a bit more practical but still smacks of awesomeness – the Zack Ryder Baseball cap. Now a little backstory; Zack Ryder is a wrestler for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) but he was under rated and destined for obscurity – that is until he used the power of the internet to change is fortunes. I’m serious, he’s been doing a once a week show on youtube that has gained a following so massive that it propelled him to stardom in the organization (and the show is not even a year old yet!). As such all sorts of new merch has been created and I have one of the newest ones; but is it worth the extra Christmas rush pricing?



The Look: The colors are black, orange, and purple – a scheme that usually reserved for Pimp M.O.D.O.K. For the hat however it works, on the front is a funky jagged Z with a jagged spike through the middle. On the back has one simple yet proud statement: Broski. The ‘O’ on the word is shaped like a diamond with the Z spike inside of it as well.


The Operation: You apply directly to the top part of head.


The Result: It protects your eyes from the sun, keeps your head moderately warm and as an added bonus – looks cool.





The Verdict



This hat makes proud to be a Broski! It’s unique but not the eye catcher you would expect. Comfortable and has a nice embedded rim all the way around, no need to play around with the size tabs on the back. Finally it’s just a good gift; I would have been satiated with an Antonio Spurs cap but this much better.




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