Games & Gear of 2012 – Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (3/20/2012)



Vampires and Zombies. Whatever the rhyme or reason, they are popular with the kids these days. The bloodsuckers tend to stay in the movies while the corpse cavalries are more at home at video games. I’ll admit I prefer the Dead Rising series but I (and I imagine many people) have a soft spot for Resident Evil as well. Sure the games run hot and cold but no one can argue that the series defined and then redefined the thriller/horror genre. This time around, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, will not only take the storyline back some ways, but they will give the player (four players actually, thanks to Co-Op) the opportunity to play as solders of the series long time antagonists: the Umbrella Corporation. From there players get sent back to 1998 into the zombie infested Raccoon City. And instead of surviving and saving people like wussies, you’ll be destroying all evidence and of Umbrella Corp involvement and killing anything in their way – zombie or otherwise.  By doing this you could be changing the story line for the entire series because this game encompassing both RE2 and RE3 games. The possibilities alone give reason to buy this game; but add to the facts of an improved 3rd person shooting system and robust online multiplayer modes, and you got yourself another Resident Evil winner here people.