Games & Gear of 2012 – Armored Core V (4/1/2012)


Depending on who you talk to the greatest mech games of a generation was either BattleMech or Armor Core (Gundams and Evangelions were anime first so they don’t count). Yes from the 90’s to the early 2000’s mech games from these brands were plentiful and good. Yet in recent times mech games in general have disappeared from video game without reason – and that my friends is a sad sight to behold. But all is not lost people for last year’s E3 premièred a new mech game called Hawken. It looked good, very good, it made me believe again mech games were forgotten – and I was right. For only a few days later I discovered that ‘Namco’ and ‘From Software’ was creating Armored Core V. I had permanent smile on my face for a few days, seriously. Now in 2012 Hawken is still in development (I’ll wait for you forever Hawken), but ACV will be out in four months. The world once again will know the joy of colossal fighting machines with guns for arms and lightsabers blazing through the streets. Ah… It’s true what they say, happiness is a warm mech.