What Santa brought me (Mini Game Review) – King of Fighter XIII


Now the people who know me knows I didn’t like King of Fighter XII, in fact I thought it was the worst fighting game I’ve ever played. Bad fight mechanics, non-existence story, too few characters – it was terrible and very close to earning an Epic Fail rating on my review (the first ever under the Video Game Armada banner). It’s like they gave all the development money to the art department and said nuts to the rest. Well I’m glad to say King of Fighter XIII learned from those tragic mistakes from the previous title and turned into quite the smart fighter. First off they added more characters which is always a plus (but still no Geese…), second they fine-tuned the character’s abilities to make them easier to do and added ‘Neo Max’ moves giving players a chance to turn the tables on a losing round. Also not only did add a story in the ‘Arcade’ mode they also added a ‘Story’ mode in the game so people won’t have anything to complain about in that regard either. Finally the art still remains intact from the last game so everything looks beautiful; only this time they spread out the view more to see the characters and the stages better. Any Complaints? Well my ones are: where’s my Boss Team/Sports Team & some the retro gear for the characters looks out of place. Those are small potatoes compared to the cluster freak of failed the last game was, so as far as KOF XIII it passes with flying colors: congratulations. Now never let us down again…








In other news –


First ArenaNet  has announced that Guild Wars 2 will be going live this year, which is great but a little more details would have been nice. The other thing, this:




Games & Gear of 2012 – Lollipop Chainsaw (6/12/2012)



Goichi Suda, also known as SUDA 51, is probably the craziest game developer to date (and an apparent Burnout fan – who knew). Creating off the wall and mind bending games like ‘No More Heroes’ and ‘Killer7’ he definitely enjoys trying to outdo himself with every new game. Which brings us to Lollipop Chainsaw: a game about a cheerleader named Juliet Starling from San Romero High School, who goes around slaughtering the undead with a hot pink and black chainsaw (hence the title) and the still alive severed head of her boyfriend tied to her hip. You must be thinking that the oxygen is pretty low where you’re at now and misread what I typed – but you didn’t, that’s the premise (more or less). So now the only question is will this extremely odd plot and promise of massive undead to chainsaw violence pay off like Heroes or crap out? Join us here at June to find out.