Games & Gear of 2012 – Borderlands 2 (9/18/2012)



The original Borderlands was great; sure it had its issues like a sparse story, extremely generic enemies (and vehicles), balancing issues with the classes, the main characters were wall flowers and the like. However I never regretted buying the game and little saddened that I’ve traded it in; I’m hoping Borderlands 2 will recapture that same magic as the first game. And speaking of which; after the events of the first game a man by the name of Handsome Jack was able to profit immensely from the original heroes to the point of actually buying one the game’s weapon corporations: Hyperion. As a result he rules Pandora with an iron fist and even captured the original heroes from the first game (Jack get points for thinking ahead). However when you screw people over, soon or later, they’ll fight back; so now players get four new vault hunter to take it to Jack, save the original heroes, and of course get rich by annihilating anyone who get in your way. Yes please.