Characters of Color – The Brown M & M


YES! FINALLY! The race line in candy treats has finally been erased! M & Ms are quite possibly the most delicious, easy to eat, candies ever. The tagline, ‘melts in your month, not in your hand’, is true because the thin candy shell keeps the precious chocolate from spilling out due to hot weather or the like. It’s not perfect, but what is really? Anyway to add to the appeal, the candy shells were colored red, yellow, blue (added in the 90’s), green, orange (also a newbie color), and even the color of the chocolate itself – brown. Over time each one of the colors became mascots for different types of M &Ms like peanut butter or almonds, even having their own personalities – except for, you guessed it, the black M & M (or rather the brown M & M if you want to be technical). For years this injustice was unaddressed, until yesterday on the Superbowl. The whole world was witnessed to the final lost M & M in one of the best commercial of the night; Ms. Brown turned out to be intelligent, worldly, and sets the record straight on a common misconception about her. But please I can only tell you readers so much, watch the awesome commercial yourself and see why she’s today’s  Characters of Color.




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