Characters of Color – Crow from Def Jam: Fight for NY

Well the time has come, the end the February which mean the end of the Characters of Color segment for the year – I know I’m sad too, but at least you all have something to look forward to next year. Well as an end of the year gift I’m doing two profiles today – starting with Crow. No not that fudd awful movie but the main bad guy in the game ‘Def Jam: Fight for NY’. Now the game itself is excellent, the player saves the main boss from the first game (which is an awesome game as well) from arrest. As a reward, D-Mob allows the player to join his crew and fight for him in underground fight clubs. However after the events of the first game D-Mob lost a lot of turf control to the vicious, ambitious leader of Club Murder: Crow who is voiced by none other than Snoop Dogg. In the beginning the self-made mobsters worked together to run New York, but while D-Mob was no angel he follow the rule of respect. Crow however thought fear was a better motivator – over time their different ‘business strategies’ spilt them apart and became bitter rivals ever since. So like an opportunistic piranha, when D-Mob was caught slipping in the first game, Crow came in and devoured all of his territories and recruited the best fighters to protect them. Now Crow may be just gang banger but he’s smart, he’s cruel, and will use any means to destroy his opposition. Traps, assassinations, and seemingless endless capital are the tools he uses but his best weapon is fear. For his enemies: fear of himself and his forces; for his allies: fear of losing the good life or their lives as consequence of failure. Crow even uses fear against the player. As he defeats Crows’ fighters Crow decides to kidnap the players’ girlfriend and force him to join Crow on the threat of killing her if he doesn’t. Despite all of these Crow isn’t afraid of taking care of business himself. His fighting style focuses on both speed and defense so he can strike quickly and take damage – essentially wearing down opponents to the point of breaking with his signature move: 187.  Of course if he’s actually losing the fight he got his glock and a hidden cane blade to fall back on; so yea Crow – Evil, Bad, Wanna Kill You.






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