Games & Gear of 2012 Reloaded – Diablo III (05/15/12)


You know ladies and gentlemen, some poor unfortunate souls think the world’s going to end this December thanks to some Mayan BS. Well let me tell you something people, if the gates of hell do open and demons show up guess what I’m going to do. I’m to take my +8 Resplendent Battersmash, find the nearest minion of the Burning Hells and bash it into Oblivion (or Skyrim, if I had the choice). Then repeat til the world is demon free once again; but how do I know how to put down the forces of evil? Why I would simply learn from the master: which is Diablo III baby – it will release in a little over a month. Admittedly I’m never played the other games in the series; however because of the hype from both Blizzard Entertainment and fans from all around the world I figured what the underworld I’ll give it a shot. Now being that the series is known for superior dungeon crawling I very much doubt I’ll be able to finish the game in an hour. With five customizable character classes, near-limitless arsenal and powers, locations that are also labyrinths, living cast of characters, and multiplayer – I’ll be lucky if I see the light of day before my late 50s.




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