Character Quotes – All the cast of Kid Icarus Uprising

“G Force, IN MY FACE!!!!” – Pit

 “Maybe because of my slightly botched laser eye surgery.” – Palutena

 “No doy.” – Pandora

I know, I know I talked about this already in my game review of Kid Icarus Uprising, but the more I’ve play this game the more awesome this feature of the game becomes. Almost each and every thing that comes out of the characters mouths are instance classic quotes. I’m not kidding; they could easily added garbage, generic dialogue throughout the entire game with only few good lines. Instead these characters speak their minds about the situation they’re in, use comedy like pros, reference their current game with the original one 27 years ago, and all the while doing it without going too far or being annoying. In fact the only thing that could a problem this that the lines are middle of the action of the game – it’s hard to take out the Great Reaper when you’re doubled over laughing at another Palutena zinger. Anyhow, if you haven’t done so before: Go. Buy. NOW!




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