Games & Gear of 2012 Reloaded – Dead or Alive 5 (9/25/2012)

Stop crying girl, you got a release date already!


Well this one didn’t take long to get a release date did it? No surprise really as fighting games are making a pretty decent comeback lately and the good people of Koei Games and Team Ninja just want a piece of that delicious fight pie. Now, not just satisfied with creating another 3D fighter, they wanted to push the envelope with new fight mechanics such as “dynamic attraction” & “power blows”.  They also tweaked their standard combat a bit by including the triangle system (strikes, holds, and throws) which is a little like ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ or the  ‘MMO Trinity’ (sort of) where one action can be countered by another but weak against the other. Other than that they revealed a few characters for the upcoming title like Ryu Hayabusa (the Ninja Gaiden guy), Hayate, and Ayane. Now honestly I haven’t played a DoA fighter since DoA2 (Leon’s the man by the by) but when they announced DoA5 had a more evolved combat system, interactive (and possibly dangerous) stages, and saw it all at work I was impressed. So much so that I’m going to give this fall title an exhibition chance. We’ll see if it can become champ or chump.