This just in (Or not) – Star Wars the Old Republic goes FTP (for the weekend)


Ah Star Wars the Old Republic, I remember the betas and release like it was yesterday… Well I’m glad to say that the game has performed as well as I predicted (and seriously fokes, when BioWare puts their name on something you know it’s good). Now they are offering those still undecided a chance to change the face of the galaxy with their characters for free up until the 23th. That right it is another free weekend that certain MMOs like to do in hopes to get more players on board with their game – only this time its Star Wars and that’s a big deal people. Trust me, as a fan and a player you won’t regret one moment of the planet hopping, ship battles, rancor busting, story driven, PvP, cantina fueled, adventures you’ll undoubtingly have. Oh, by the by, check out their new site layout – doesn’t hurt to be acclimated.