Product Placement – Hot Pockets brand Limited Edition – Spicy Hawaiian Style Pizza


I like Hot Pockets people, and I’m pretty sure I’ve tried them all – even the Lean Pockets. So when I’ve found out there was two Limited Edition Hot Pockets I have yet to try – I decided to rectify that. What’s more? I’m going to review them and see if they should be something to be added to the main line up or be destroyed like those putrid Mountain Dew flavors a couple years back.



The Look:  The box itself is just like any Hot Pocket box you’ve ever come a crossed with: showing the food, the laughable Nutrition Facts (but I still love you anyway) and so forth. The only difference is that this box has ‘LIMITED EDITION’ on it, so you know it’s important. As for the look of the actual hot pockets, well, they always looked like dirty pizza crust and this one’s no different. But hey, hot pockets aren’t pretty, they’re delicious! So let’s take a bite…



The Taste: Interesting… There’s a slight sweetness to this (discovered pineapple chunks in here, well this is Hawaiian Style Pizza here. Oh, and they live up to that spicy on the box too. My month and tongue are pretty fired up now.


*drinks water*


Wasn’t expecting that. Yes, I know it’s on the box but come on how many things on boxes for $2.50 are actually true as advertised. At most I was expecting a light heat on the taste buds. Shows what I know.  Not bad Hot Pockets, not bad.



The After effect: After eating my spicy hot pocket chunks (with water chasers) I feel the spiciness all the way down to my gullet. It’s a nice, hardy feeling.





The Verdict



Well as far as Hot Pockets go the Spicy Hawaiian Style Pizza is indeed one spicy number. I’m still feeling the burn from the residue in my teeth. Honestly, I’m not big fan of super spicy stuff (because I’m such a cool-cat, heh) but that doesn’t mean I didn’t like this – on the contrary it’s an excellent addition to the Pockets line up. In fact if I was a professional fire breather I would consider this the best food on the planet. So yeah, delicious, filling, and if you drink ‘Franks RedHot Sauce’ straight out of the bottle this Hot Pocket is for you. Even if you don’t try it anyway, just have a pitcher of water on stand by.



Not an exact recreation of my reaction to the Spicy Hawaiian Hot Pocket, but pretty close.