Product Placement – Hot Pockets brand Limited Edition – Four Cheese Garlic Pasta Bake


Time for the last Limited Edition Hot Pockets Product Placement: Four Cheese Garlic Pasta Bake. I’ll admit I’m excited, the Spicy Hawaiian Style Pizza was not only tasty, but hoo-boy, was it spicy – not an exaggerated claim in the slightest. So whatever a ‘Four Cheese Garlic Pasta Bake’ is going to taste like, it should be delicious. And without further ado:


The Look:  Yeah. This is another limited edition hot pocket so the box has ‘LIMITED EDITION’ on it like before, and still looks like dirty pizza crust. You all know the drill; let’s get to the good part.



The Taste: Ah… Deliziosa, cremosa, e con tutti i sapori grassetto circa! Sorry I lapsed into Italian there for a minute. This is a very filling Hot Pocket with some gourmet favors in it. There is definitely parmesan cheese in this, garlic (duh), some Italian seasonings, alfredo sauce (I think) and pasta shells (again duh). The ends are a little harder than your usual pocket, but doesn’t ruin the dining experience in the slightest.



The After effect: Satisfied





The Verdict


Yes people we have another winner. While the Spicy Hawaiian is bold and in your face; the Pasta Bake is smooth and elegant with a type of taste that so sophisticated I feel like I should be eating it under candle light. I have no doubt that if you chopped this up a little bit and served this at an Italian bistro no one would know that under the hood it’s a Hot Pocket. Well fokes this concludes this battery of tests for the ‘Limited Edition’ Hot Pockets. I deem both the Spicy Hawaiian and the Pasta Bake a success and should be part of the general line up of Hot Pockets.


However if this turns out to be one of those truly limited time only deals I suggest you go down to your local Target (or where ever) and take your taste buds on a journey. You won’t regret it.




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