Game Preview: New DisHonored trailer

Sheesh...That's a face not even the mother of the devil could love.


Before I get started ladies and gentlemen there is something I want to address: why do villains keep doing this? No seriously why? Why do they always keep the hero alive when it’s so much easier to kill them? For example, say you’re the Regent of the kingdom of Dunwall, a dystopian place full of rampant disease and poverty, and decided to kill the empress and take over. Ok fine.

Then you decided to blame the actual murder on her most loyal bodyguard, Corvo. Which is fine, because it will take eyes of you and make taking control that much easier. Follow through with a mock trial and boom you got away with high treason and murder… But why not kill right away the highly trained, highly loyal, and, knowing the truth about you, highly focused assassin whose only goal in life now is to kill you. It’s only a matter of time before he escapes, wage a one-man war with your armies, kill your generals, and finally kill you. It’s a bit of a cliché now. Oh, and he was given supernatural powers by a deity-like being to use as he wishes to enact his vengeance. So yeah, you future villains out there learn from the regent here and kill all would be heroes before they become a problem – otherwise they become a problem. Thanks for listening…


Oh yeah, the trailer for DisHonored, I almost forgot. Check it out – it’s awesome.