Game Review: Diablo III



Ok, pop quiz time fokes – Blizzard Entertainment, a well renowned game developer, has released Diablo III. The game is/has what?:

A) Awesome

B) Epic

C) The fastest-selling PC game ever

D) Lived up to the legacy

E) All the above


If you selected E (and why wouldn’t you), then you are correct – Diablo III is an awesome epic title that not only became the fastest-selling PC game ever but lived up to the Diablo legacy. I could end the review right here but reviews are for people on the fence, even for obviously good game. So as a journalist it is my duty to provide information for our readers and help them make a decision one way or another. And if you’re one of those people and I can’t convince that Diablo III is a good game to get then clearly I’m not doing my job.




Now as a console baby (a kid who had consoles growing up) I didn’t have many opportunities to play PC games and thus missed the first two Diablo games. Fortunately this game more than makes up for it by providing plenty of backstory throughout the game. The long & short of it is that in this universe angels and demons are constantly at war for control a world called Sanctuary. The leaders of the demons are known as the ‘Prime Evils’: Mephisto, Baal, and Diablo. However thanks to the previous games (and expansions) they were destroyed and the world of Sanctuary returned to peace. Enter Diablo III, a mysterious fallen star crashed to an abandon church then suddenly the dead started to rise from their grave. Now adventurers from every walk of life are traveling to the place where the star fell to discovered its true purpose, but what they find will set motion events that will rocked the heavens and burn the hells.


In this game players takes the role of one of five character classes that, like the characters classes from World of WarCraft, have different ways of fighting. For melee fun try the Barbarian. Want to nuke the landscape the Wizard is perfect for that. Hey, like zombie pets and diseases? The Witch Doctor’s got your number – just to name a few.  Now one of the best things about these characters is that over time they unlock new abilities to fine tune there fighting style. After all why just shoot an exploding fireball when you can shoot a bouncing fireball that that keeps slamming into enemies. The visuals of the game are impressive and not just because they look good. The background itself reacts very well to characters attacks; objects get destroyed, blown around, atomized to nothing and much more. Enemies range from annoying to mind numbingly difficult – even in normal mode. The locations hit all the video game conventions (desert level, lava level) but in a good way. You don’t even have to accomplish the main objectives right away, just float about the levels and see what Sanctuary has to offer (and seeing how the levels has random events, Sanctuary has plenty to offer). Finally it wouldn’t be a Blizzard epic without the ability to play online with three other players to beat demons into submission and getting rare gear. So yeah, Diablo III’s pretty awesome.







Not that its not without any flaws; I mean as a dungeon crawler the two things you’re going to be doing most in this game is hacking and slashing. Also the storyline can be seen from space, meaning there will be no surprises as you play through this. You can’t customize your characters either (although you can color your armor, go figure), and of course the endless sea of system updates keeps players from playing on occasion. But let me tell you its all worth it to play this game. I didn’t even scratch the surface of the awesome adventures I had in the game, nor the fun time did I have slaughtering baddies into the wee hours of the morning. And since I know this series has a habit of adding DLC adventures well after the original game’s conclusion, Diablo III will possibly have a never-ending replay valve. That my friends is worth $50 bucks, so if you got a half decent computer buy the game – but, as the great Dave Meinstein once said, have your affairs in order because you going to be gone for a long time.